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  1. Steering wheel Controls with aftermarket radio

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Seat Ibiza fr 07 with steering wheel controls for the radio but want to fit an aftermarket kenwood headunit I already have from my previous car does anyone know of an adapter so I can use the controls with the aftermarket headunit??
  2. iPod - Track Names Displayed On Radio?

    Hi all, After searching the form for an answer, I couldn't seem to find one! So, has anyone had any success with getting the track names from their iPod displayed on the radio's display? Is it impossible? I cannot understand why it would be impossible to do this, it seems relatively...
  3. Ash Tray holder removal and Radio removal help required

    Hi, hope u can help me with this. Have done a search and can't find an easy how to thread! I want to fit my mp3 player into the ash tray as i saw on here someone had done it and it looks great. How do i remove the ash tray whole unit so i can drill through the back for my wire to go through...
  4. Radio problems

    The other day I disconnected the battery to reset the ECU but now I cannot get the radio to work, basically it won't unblock. I have the code but when I input it and press and hold the prog button it just won't unblock. In the manual it says before I enter the code the display should read...
  5. pontiac_andy

    ibiza radio

    i have got a ibiza 2000 wreg does anyone know where to fit a cd player to it i have noticed there is a buttom on the panel.
  6. DAB radio question

    Hi guys, My sis's '07 ibiza has the DAB radio. We went from wales to kent and back the sat before last, and I noticed that when i put the radio into DAB mode, it kept coming up on the display with no signal (i think). anyone had similar? I have driven it since then and get the same...
  7. No radio?

    Hi, I have a 1998 ibiza 1.0 with a bee sting ariel, ever since i bought it the radio has never worked. it came with a cheap goodmans headunit in which there was no signal, i then bought a brand new Blaupunkt mp35 and when i installed it, i made sure the arieal lead (thick silver cable) was...
  8. Does anyone know when/if the Leon will have option of DAB radio

    Hi all - I currently have a DAB radio and this is great when listening to TalkSport and Virgin over AM. Does anyone know when or even if the spec will be updated to have either an option or standard fit DAB radio in the FR? I know SEAT did provide a DAB radio in a special edition Ibiza a...
  9. removing radio

    hi, i have someone fitting a sub, amp and headunit into my new formula sport next week. Do i need to purchase removal keys to take the standard radio out as i hadn't got any with the car? The instruction manual has nothing in it about removing the unit and other sites mention the removal key but...
  10. DAB radio problems!

    My wife has a Ibiza DAB and we are having problems with the radio stopping working, but continuing to drain the battery as if its on! Its been twice to dealer and they say they cant find anything wrong (surprise surprise). the tell tale when it goes is that the red LED's stay lit behind the...
  11. ibiza 20vt radio

    hi, i have a ibiza 20vt and my radio/cd player/ air con facia doesnt switch off, as soon as i switch it off it comes back on again.:help:
  12. trouble with my radio...

    Hope someone can help me...My radio keeps tourning on ... by himself. I don't know what 2 do. The radio its incorporated along with clima... SEAT Cordoba 2001
  13. freddie

    Radio issue!

    Since last week my radio has stopped turning itself off when you remove the key from the ignition. I've tried turning it on/off with ignition on but still no joy. Also the interior light had started taking ages to dim once door is shut not a problem in daylight but again anoying when its dark...
  14. ZBOYD

    Jason Plato on Chris Evans Show - Radio 2 Tonight

    Just to let you know that Jason Plato will be interviewed ‘in the sports locker’ on Chris Evans’s BBC Radio 2 (88-91FM) drivetime show TODAY. The programme starts at 17.00 (from when trailers of who’s in the locker will be broadcast) and the live interview will take place at 18.45pm
  15. glynnd

    leon cupra radio

    Anybody know how long it takes for the safe mode to change on the leon radio I have managed to put mine in safe mode had it switched on for over an hour and its still in safe mode. Dealer wants £40 to recode it when its out of safe mode. If any body has got one spare with a code I will gladly...
  16. Radio AM reception

    Has anyone got/had really poor AM reception on there standard head unit ?? FM is fine but AM is poor to non existant ! Any ideas or is it a trip to the main dealers ? Cheers
  17. Adibutti

    Standard radio for Leon FR. promblems.... fitting hands free

    hi all started to fit a hands fre last night 2 my Fr. its a parrot 3200ls. i took the radio out and plugged everything in then tryed the radio and it wouldnt turn on with the egnition. only manually. the radio that is. so i took all the extra wiring off and tryed it how i found it. yet...
  18. Scrolling through radio stations from steering wheel ?

    Scrolling through preset stations from steering wheel ? Hi everyone, I did a search but coudlnt find an answer on this... I have the bluetooth/steering wheel controls option. when stereo is switched to FM and using the arrow left/right arrow buttons on the steering wheel, the radio does...
  19. Modifying the Radio?

    First of all hello!!! My brother has an Ibiza with the radio display in the centre for the air con etc. Is there any way to modify it to take a normal head unit and retain all the controls? Any help is much appreciated. Cheers Dunc
  20. timing chain broke now radio wont work

    Can anyone help me. Timing chain on 53 eg Ibiza broke after a paltry 30k miles, costly repair & now radio wont work [:@]. Seat dont seem interested in helping Just want to charge to reset or charge for info to reset radio. Being the second owner I dont have the key code, have checked all...
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