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  1. Radio in mk5 - ISO block not standard !!

    Hi again, Just tried to put a standard ISO SD/USB radio in my Mk5 Ibiza and found that the wiring block in the car wont fit a standard ISO radio ! I've taken pictures to show: Does this mean i'd need an adaptor of some sort to fit onto this and terminate into ISO connectors...
  2. Radio in mk5 - does it need a radio code upon disconnecting it ???

    Hi folks, I was checking to see if my mp3/usb radio would work in my Ibiza mk5 a while back, so i took the standard radio out. The radio did work fine, but didn't look as good as the original. So 10 minutes later i put the original one back in. To my horror, it was asking for a radio code...
  3. Sound stops from Radio

    hi, I have the standard Grunding Stereo Cassette head unit in the car from new. This morning driving to work, the sound just stopped. There was a little 'pop' then all went quiet. Radio still working (power, screen lit up, I could hear the multichanger swapping discs when I pressed buttons on...
  4. After Market double din sat nav radio issue

    :clap:Hi Guys I hope someone can help me out here. I have installed an aftermarket Satnav double din radio into my car which has been working perfectly. I have up and till recently had to unplug my battery which resets the onboard computer at which point it now picks up all my radios...
  5. radio problem

    I cannot turn my radio on, I have checked the fuse and it is ok. The radio was working during the week. I have a Mk1 Cupra with the Aura 6 cd changer. Can anyone help?
  6. Radio Code, SAFE

    Disconnected my battery to remove fault code, but cant seem to find my radio code anywhere in the booklets that car with the car, what book would it be in? rang seat up and they want £25 for a new code!! is there any other way? thanks
  7. arosa radio wiring

    hi, not sure if anyone will be able to help me, but I need help wiring in my after market radio into an 02 arosa. I pretty much need an idiot’s step-by-step guide as to how to sort the wiring out and what needs to go where. If this is too much hassle id appreciate if someone could let me know...
  8. Leon_MHX

    Radio code

    Hi would anyone working for a VAG dealer be will to get my radio code from the HU's SKZ number. I have tried to contact someone on Briskoda, who was recommended to me but that hasnt got me anywhere as they havent replied twice. If i go to my local dealer they will be arsey as they will...
  9. £32 for a radio code????

    hi all, tried ringing a dealer and they want £32 for me to plug the radio in and get the code! Not best pleased and i kind of know why people now call them stealers!!!!
  10. Not had the best of days with my LC, can anyone help me :( Voltmeter problem & radio

    hi all, well, being as it was a saturday and ive had a new stat sitting in the boot for a while, i thought id change my faulty thermostat on the LC. What a bitch the lower housing bolt is to get too lol! Welkl in the process of removing the n249 bracket, i noticed a couple of split vacuum...
  11. darrenh


    This is driving me nuts, and I just can't find an answer to it. What model radio/stereo is in the Mk3 Ibiza please? Thanks Darren
  12. Aura radio not displaying SAFE

    Have changed battery on 2001 20V Ts 1.8, and need radio code. But the radio is not displaying the word SAFE when I turn it on. Is there a simple solution for this ? Also Has anyone tried the internet retrieval sites for getting the radio code - I've got the Serial number, but don't want to do...
  13. Radio Code

    Anyone know how to get the stereo to allow you to enter a new code after someone else screws it up and locks it? All it is saying now is '2' and 'SAFE'.
  14. Radio Problems

    Hey there. Im looking for some help wit my radio. Its the standard Aura unit with cd changer. The other day my battery died, which happens far to much btw. I recharged and re-entered the code into the radio. The radio now works fine but when i ask it to play a cd it just comes up with changer on...
  15. Radio

    Hey, my cars of the road atm, but every time i walk past my car, my musics on, does any1 know why its turnin on, on its own. lol
  16. stukillen

    radio controls on stalk

    hi does any one know why when i press the up button to get the preset radio stations why it often just goes between the first and second presets. it does not do this all the time but about half of the time, and i cant see why it does it. i have tried pressing it for different lengths of time...
  17. annoying radio problem when rear window heater on!

    hi, i've got a mk5 1.4 sport 5dr. just wondered if anyone has experienced the same thing or could help me. recently, i have noticed that when happily driving along listening to my favourite radio stations and i press the rear window heater button to clear the back window, the station badly...

    Radio reception

    I have a 56 plate FR and I have noticed that the radio reception seems to have got worse [ now out of warranty!] any one else had simlar problems - and yes the aerial IS still attached!!?!
  19. a mind boggling prob with the radio

    when i play the radio, cd or tape, once the volume is up to 30 the radio starts cutting in and out of sound intermitantly. anybody else have this problem or shed some light on it. another thing that make me want to attack it with a hammer is the volume knob. i turn it up and it knocks the...
  20. Lost Radio Key

    Hi All, Just got my new LCR, but the radio code is missing, Rocky Rocastle is going to have a look at home for it. But if he cannot find anybody know how to get one, other than paying SEAT??? cheers
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