1. Servicing Question

    Hi all, I've got a leased '19 Cupra 290. It's done ~6700 miles and is about 14 months old. Lease is 24 months duration with ALD. The oil service notification has just appeared. Can someone explain the whole 'fixed interval' vs 'long-life' servicing regime please? Doing some searching here it...
  2. Legojon

    Servicing Jacking the front & oil+filter change guide

    Getting started: It's your cars birthday. And what do cars love more than cake? That's right oil! So first let's assemble the tools you'll need. As well as a jack, axle stands and wheel chocks (or house bricks) you'll need: Something to catch the oil! Newspaper to avoid messing up your...
  3. Lozzy15

    Servicing Service guide - How to change the oil & filter - 1.4 MK3 Leon

    Hi guys & gals, A nice simple guide today on how to change your oil & filter at service time. I'll also show how to change the pollen filter. I won't be talking about the air filter as I have a custom one on my car so there's nothing for me to change/clean just yet. Another point to note is...
  4. Leon 1.6 TDI - Fuel Filter Help

    Hi Guys, I am currently ordering bits to service my Leon 5f 1.6tdi, but I stumbled on something here with the Fuel Filters... It seems they come in 2 different sizes? The outer diameters seem to be quite different, one being 77mm and the other 93mm and my question is, can I check which filter I...
  5. Yerda1390

    DQ200 Oil Change/Service?

    Hi chaps, I am currently in a bit of a pickle, I have a 2011 Seat Ibiza FR TSI DSG and ive just hit 50k miles, now, I have read online that the box is "Sealed for Life" and all that, but ive also read that it can be serviced and the oil and filter can be changed. Is there any definitive answer...
  6. DrEv1l

    EDIFF Service for FWD 280/290/300 anyone done it?

    I just watched this video on the EDIFF service for the GTI performance pack. I think thats the same as the one in our cars. Has anyone done this service or asked a garage to do it? I asked my local and they said it was not needed... DrEv1l
  7. Returning Lease + Inspection Light?

    Hi guys, Was hoping somebody could advise :) I have my Leon going back to VWFS on the 15th May, BCA couldn't pick it up earlier, and I haven't done a service yet since it never came up. I have checked in the settings and it says that it's due in 40 odd days but afraid it will come up with...
  8. Servicing on contact hire

    Hi, Will be taking delivery of my first Seat in April and wanted know about servicing specifically on contract hire. I understand servicing is required however according to the leasing options rep ''as long as it's a vat registered garage and uses Seat parts then its classed as a valid...
  9. Service Cost Question (Cupra)

    Hi All! Have a 18' 300 which is due a service in approx a month, checked Seat's website. Have been quoted £200 for its first service, it's a lease so only require 1 service. Is £200 reasonable? Thanks
  10. ryzzey

    Air Con Service

    Hi, I did do a bit of searching but couldn’t find anything relating to air con servicing. My Leon FR is due an air con service (at a cost of £149!) and although I have a servicing plan this is not included, as I was already aware. My car is coming up to two years old and Seat have said I need...
  11. Service Interval and Q's - FR 115 MY2019

    Hi Everyone, I've been watching these forums for a while on the build up to collecting my Ibiza. (FR 115, Desire Red, MY2019 model) My dealer never explained the service intervals required, I was hoping to have a service book but I've not found it yet within all the docs. Does anyone know...
  12. Service schedual

    Hi everyone my 1.2 tsi leon is coming up to 30,000 miles i was just womdering if anyone could tell me what needs changed at this point spark plugs ect do seat have a schedual showing you what they would change thanks
  13. 1st Year Service

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has had a 1st Yr service on the Cupra yet? As i'm just phoning around, and the cheapest price i've been given is £180!:cry: to me that sounds very expensive for a 1st yr as they don't really change much so i can't see if taking very long.
  14. F2 Ed

    adjusting service intervals

    Well i didn't know that:happy:
  15. D.K

    Forge 007p service,

    I recently acquired a second hand Forge 007p DV, Before fitting I decided to do a pressure test on it as recommended by Forge, it showed that the DV was not holding full pressure very well and some times not holding at all, So after checking Forge's site I ordered there DV service kit...
  16. 3rd annual service

    **ignore title lol** does anyone know what the 4th annual service for the mk4 ibiza involves, and roughly how much i should expect to pay (service and MOT)? Cars done 29k miles. Cheers!:)
  17. service light reset

    Does anyone know how to reset the service light on the new ibiza, don't want to go to the main dealer to pay £10000000.00000000000.0000000000.000000000 to do a 4 second reset.
  18. What service schedule is my Exeo on?

    Pickd up a a 59 plate Exeo 143 TDi yesterday. It has only done 5k miles, but the dealer advice is at odds with the service diplay regarding service interval, long term vs fixed. How can I find out for sure?? Cheers. Conks
  19. 12 month service

    Hello, my service light has just come on and I think my car is due for it's 12 month service. I'm thinking about doing it myself as I've always worked on my old cars myself and don't want to pay someone else £100 to something that I could. Car is a TDI sport at 37k, it had its 40k service...
  20. bigman75

    First service

    Hi peeps Taking her in for her 1st service and a couple of questions. Obviously how much you reckon it will cost? The guy at the dealership said about 2 hours work. 2nd question. What oil is used by the dealers? Is it advisable to buy better grade stuff or is the 'bulk standard'...
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