1. Lozzy15

    Braces and struts Fitting strut brace to MK3 Leon - without removing scuttle tray

    Hi Guys & Gals, Today I fitted a strut brace to my Leon. It was real easy to do and took around 15 - 20 minutes. You don't need major mechanical skills to do this, just some tools. The tools I used were: 13mm sockets, 3/8 ratchet, 1/4 inch ratchet, a 1/4 inch driver and a 13mm spanner. Torque...
  2. cupra-8v

    Top strut mounts

    Ok so i know the ibiza's are known for their exessive play (around an inch ive heard) and my car is no different, however i believe a knocking/clunking noise i am hearing is coming from my top strut mounts, this had been the case since coilovers whent on a while back, with brand new top strut...
  3. SEAT SPORT(MOMO) strut brace

    HI Guys would a SEAT SPORT(MOMO) strut brace previously fitted to a Ibiza cupra fit a Leon cupra?:confused: thanks D.
  4. CatB1

    Alternative rear strut brace

    Wanted to see whether I coiuld make a rear strut brace that incorporated the two most popular designs, one that is attached to the shock absorber thread & the other to the turret. The lower of the two braces had to be mm perfect to ensure it was an exact fit between the brackets. Don't look too...
  5. TerrificToledo

    Strut brace for leon/toledo

    Hey, i'm after a front upper strut brace for my toledo 1.9tdi , I read somewhere that it's the same size as the old audi A3 strut brace. Is this true? Because i know someone who's selling just the thing.. Thanks
  6. owen lcr

    Cupra strut top size???

    Are the MK2 cupra strut tops 50mm or 55mm cheers, owen
  7. front strut top mounts

    hi ive just brought a ibiza gti and it pulls across the road i noticed that the top strut mount rubbers where round the wrong way, so i changed them round, but then i noticed when you jack the car up the strut drops till the cup meets the turret is there a bush thats missing or do i need a...
  8. aterro

    rear strut brace

    just a quickie. rear strut brace you have the rubber mount then a little metal cup then a nut in middle over damper. then do you just put strut brace over the nuts of the coilovers? regards
  9. aterro

    Rear coilovers & strut brace

    hello right my rear coilovers damper bolt threaded. i have to hold the top of the coilover with a 7mm spanner then tighten up the lower bolt. Why is this? and because im trying to fit my rear strut brace it wont tighten up as when i just put a rachet and arm it just keeps turning...
  10. does a seat sport strut brace fit 56 reg. cupra tdi?

    really want one but how hard/easy is it to fit? totally new to this seat carry on so be gentle, have tried to search for info on here but can't find any...: (. the left hand side has a huge metal box over the so don't want to purchase if it doesn't fit. ta! craig
  11. tom w

    mk3 rear strut brace

    right i am looking at getting a rear brace, 1st off do they make much diffference? 2nd does the mk2 one off strutbracer fit? 3rd i'm sure i've been told the mk1 golf rear brace fits is this right? before i get slated i have searched! and it seens to be mostly readers rides and i cannot...
  12. Chriswaite130

    Strut top bearings

    It seems that I have a sticky strut top bearing. I'm going to be getting some coilovers soon, but was told that coilovers include a strut top bearing on them - is this true?? Would save me having to buy new ones! Thanks Chris :)
  13. s3 strut brace clearance

    hi any 1 got any pictures of a lcr fitted with a s3 strut brace fitted, am looking at fitting a strut brace but have a oil catch tank in place of the relay box just worried the catch can will fowl on the brace if people could put up pics with and without cc that would be great Thanks
  14. gazcuprablk

    will this lower strut bar fit anyone?

    just wondering if anyone can help me out on this done a bit of research on strut braces and know that the mark 2 lower front brace fits and got myself this strut brace for free as part of a deal on a set of wheels i had...
  15. DaNnY_LaD

    Urgent help (Suspension Strut)

    Im currently doing my front suspension but i cant get the drivers side Strut out.. the top nut is off and so is the arb bolt along with the Hub bolt now i cant push it down as the drive shaft it touching the wishbone bracket and the strut wont go up any more as its hitting the under side of...
  16. Cowie

    Is it necessary to torque bolts on upper strut brace?

    As per title,am fitting my S3 upper strut brace later,do i NEED to torque the bolts down or just make sure they're nice and tight,(don't have torque wrench but could get hold of one)reason i ask is some of the posts about it mention torquing and others don't.
  17. Strut braces

    could some one tell me if any of theys braces will my mk2 16v
  18. waftywoo

    Strut brace's

    Has anyone got a front and rear strut brace on their FR 150 (old shape)? If so, what difference does it make? Also, can you get a rear one which doesn't take up space in the boot? I am finding my car could do with a little rigidity sometimes!!:D
  19. wes_keo

    strut diameters

    im looking into upgrading my suspension to a set of AP coilovers and ive noticed there are 2 different strut diameters for the Leon. 50mm and 55mm. how do you know which one you car has? my car is just a standard 1.9tdi stylance, nothing fancy like dsg or anything like that
  20. kineticz

    How to fit rear upper strut brace?

    Couldn't see a fitting guide in the Info Base, so can anyone advise where the rear upper strut brace mounts to? Do I need to drill new holes in the metal to bolt it in? Thanks all