1. Art0ir

    Rokki Coilovers - Manufactured by ISRI (Vmaxx, etc)

    Ok so I've come across this: RokkoRacing Ride height adjustable coil over kits offer you top quality for a very competitive price. All the Rokko products have a full 3 year warranty from the date of purchase against workmanship defects and materials. We belive or product is superior to...
  2. Pabs

    V-maxx Droplinks - mk4 Ibiza Cupra

    Hi Damien, Quick question for you if I can. I've got KW V1 coilovers for my mk4 ibiza cupra (2004). I need new droplinks, as the ones I have were broken when trying to replace the suspension. Can you let me know if the V-maxx droplinks (shorter) would be ok to use? I know the KW...
  3. White_Lady_170

    Leon FR now lowered - V-Maxx Coilovers Pics now up!

    Well i finally got out today and tidied up the car. Taking her to a show tomorrow and thankfully the weather held up for me to get it nice and shiny. i'll start by posting up a few "befores" when the car was on its standard suspension and then i'll post a few of the new improved look "after"...
  4. V-MAXX Suspension

    Hi there has anyone any experience in the V-MAXX coilovers? reliability and overall performance?? Looking at a set for my 2006 caddy. Cheers Graham
  5. ZBOYD

    Introducing V-Maxx Suspension - New SCN Sponsors

    We would like to introduce V-Maxx suspension, they are new sponsors supporting SEATCupra.net. V-Maxx is brought to you by a team with many years of experience in the sports suspension market. Dutch manufactured V-Maxx is sold in 35 countries, and over the last couple of years has taken the USA...
  6. Jam_Cupra

    V-MAXX Coilovers - few questions

    I'm looking to buy some v-maxx coilovers from big boys toys tomorrow. i've done a search and pulled bits of info from different threads but just want to clarify it. i understand that i will need shorter drop links which i don't think is supplied with the kit which i will have to purchase...
  7. VMaxx coilovers

    HI everyone, Just a quick thread to see if anyone has purchased a set of VMaxx coilovers and ifso what have their experieces been, good or bad and what the ride is like. I am thinking of getting a set but not sure if they are any good at £300 .Thoughts everyone. Many Thanks Alex
  8. leon7284

    Drop links with V-maxx kit on LCR

    Yes ive done a search before you all say! This is a question that i havent seen asked yet. My drop links are 12" long and hit the drive shaft (a well known problem i know) but i havent got the money for the h & r arb so my question is if the drop links were shorter will this solve the...
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