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1.4 TSI remap


Active Member
Jan 30, 2008
I see that Celtic Tuning now offer a remap for the 1.4 TSI 138bhp, increasing it to 185bhp.

Has anyone had this done yet or had a remap from Celtic Tuning before?


Active Member
Jul 16, 2012
If the 1.4 TSI numbers are correct, that's a pretty big leap for a stage I tune - 47bhp, that's 34% increase from the stock power figure.
Not too shabby.


Now AMG Powered
Dec 10, 2008
Barnsley or Burton
Figures from Celtic are a bit optimistic. Mk2 197 FR will only get 250 from a stage 1 but they say 261. Ditto with 170 Tdi. They say 227 at stage 1 lol not a prayer, but they do give dpf delete as an option so it may be they mean without that, but then why not call that stage 2
Feb 10, 2012
There's only one way to find out but they do look after you there not all about set everything to maximum then hide and they don't just stick generic maps on either as you can get them to alter the power delivery so it can be as smooth as stock or peaky for max gains
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