18 inch alloy upgrade suggestions

Sep 3, 2020
Hi guys,
Looking to change my alloys and was hoping some of you could post some images of your alloys on your car (preferably white leon but doesn’t have to be) just so I can get an idea what others have and to get an idea of what I want based on seeing them actually on a leon!
Thanks in advance!!


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Apr 25, 2019
My FR with 18 inch performance alloys (sorry its not white :D )...
Leon 3.jpg


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May 26, 2014
Sorry, no pictures as I don‘t currently have a Leon. However, I’d consider going for either OEM Seat wheels or aftermarket wheels in an OEM style. As for colour; I think anthracite or gunmetal works well with most colours of car, and it tends to hide the inevitable build up of brake dust. I’m personally not a big fan of black alloys (apologies to anyone with black alloys!), as I think the wheel’s design details get ‘lost’ unless you’re quite close up to the car - that’s just my opinion though. Black alloys also show up brake dust pretty soon after cleaning.

I’d steer clear of diamond cut alloys - especially if your car’s a daily driver and you’re planning on keeping the wheels on the car all year round. The finish on diamond cut alloys isn’t particularly durable and can succumb to white worm corrosion in a relatively short time. Diamond cut alloys can also be easily damaged by inexperienced tyre fitters or poorly maintained tyre changing equipment.
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Dec 15, 2016
London, UK
In the past when I had the Leon, always wanted to put 17 or 18" DRC DRS rims on. Looked kinda similar to the above car.
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