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Aimez's mk4 Tdi FR Ibiza


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My flat wipers on my facelift fr judder like a mother effer! They're awful, my Bosch aerotwin retrofits were 100x better on my old car!
well total opposite here the other were actually an accident waiting to happen tbh were dangerous.
Been busy, I have painted my old chrome grill kit and front S badge black as the vinyl looked crap. Engine and battery cover wrinkle black and in the end painted/dyed the spare headliner black as a re trim was same price a black cupra one anyway! Not put it all back in the car yet thou. Care is looking crap so dirty and no grills lol Oh well working til 6 every night makes it hard to find time to do all this!

Will put all this back in then do some paint touch ups and put the wheels on ready for Bromely and GTI Inters. I am on the hunt for a touch screen/double din headunit that is good for negotiating ipod tracks on the move as the Alpine one i got (single din) is a night mare to negotiate driving and I got birthday cash to spend. Also my sub been out the car since August and now the amp for it is dead! The second windscreen been in just over a week and it okay so far!:D


i only brake for cake!!!!
Oct 4, 2007
This place is not what it was sadly, all my mates are elsewhere in Seat land I have been to many show this year and had a great time.
totally agree this forum has taken a dive compared to how it was when i had my ibiza. sad really as it used to be a great place to car talk!:(
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