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Aimez's mk4 Tdi FR Ibiza


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Been asked to do one of these so here we go.

July 2006 hottest day ever I go pick up my Ibiza from Cuckfield Motor Company in Sussex from the salesman in shorts who has played golf with my Mum!
Like a sado I get home sit and read the manual for an hour then say bye bye to my 1.25 mk5 fiesta when the new owner drives it away.

I found this forum after while deciding if I wanted a Seat or not, I was a member of a fiesta forum and had fun on there but here is way better!
First thing I did was the put some side light bulbs I already had in and take the seat ibiza 1.9 tdi badges on and replace with the new FR badge.

Then got a chrome grill kit and chrome air vent for interior (no pics of that but we all know what that looks like!) and some chrome front indicator bulbs so it's not orange anymore.

I then got new standard discs and pads all round as they looked like this
Then I painted my brake calipers got some new wheel nuts as mine were wrecked by previous owner as I couldn't take the wheel off! I also put some heat proof Seat decals on(yes I realise the pic is upside down!)

Got all my sounds put in my car

JBL door speakers my Alpine headunit with ipod attached and hidden and amped these and my standard rear speakers to Magnat Scorpion 4ch amp and 2 ch V12 Alpine amp powering my JBL sub.

I then went my first meet organised by rashcupra at Pease Pottage Crawley then we all convoyed down to Brighton and met some great people. Been to a few more since then not as good as this first one thou!
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Next I bought a green cotton panel filter and PD160 air intake and cut off the restricting plastic flap and trumpet thing that mk4 people know about. Then I got myself some Audi TT pedals and some retro fit aero front wipers and polo rear wiper and aero blade.

Made to fit ibiza mats cheap from ebay!

Momo gear knob on offer at Halfords, Momo handbrake and gaitor from Guinness off here! Chrome gear surround of a member off here adn I bought chrome vent surrounds and chrome grill kit myself.

Kind forum member sent me a stubby aerial for nothing!

My ex bought me these in Tenerife

Glove box light fitted again thanks to Guinness for selling to me!
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Right next was HIDs and battery harness fitted these in the snow with help from ex RAC man at work, got them alined next day at garage.



IMO best mod ever as at this time I worked shifts and had to drive at night alot.

I decided I wanted to go for black look so got smoked side repeators, these are meant for Polo Bora and Passat, had slight issue with bulb holder size!

Sorted in the end

Crawley meet
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Had to get one of these

Then last Feburary (insurance STILL not decided if its 70% 30% or 50% 50%) cars vrs motorbike at the end of my drive.

Was fixed by ARS Auto Repair Services in Crawley Admiral and Bell approved repairer. Was VERY unhappy with their work, firstly they had obviously put a new sill on but had put it on wrapping it over the plastic wheel arch and left random car parts in the boot and sound deadening out! and there were different coloured paint mark inside the drivers door and they left primer over spray under the car. They corrected all this but the new quarter panel when cleaned has swirl marks on it that I need to get corrected at some point.
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Anyway moving on! Bought a flip key off a forum member and the FR emblem from a seemingly now banned forum member on ebay.

Got me a new version of my headunit installed by my mate Jim and then had issues with my crap boot install so took my car to Heuts in Portslade AMAZING shop and install garage they sorted it all for me.

Piltdown East Sussex meet

I then got a facelift bumper from ebay all painted came with everything bar foglights. I bought an LCR splitter of Rich I met at the Piltdown meet too.

Bought some fogs eventually from dealer
new and old fogs

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Finally Have had 5 (yes I have a spare still) Skoda Octavia vRS alloy with horrible fat illegal tyres and 312 brake discs and carriers 4 cupra centre caps sitting in my garage for nearly a year thanks to Ad Lav!
I saved up to get 4 new Good year Eagle F1 tyres and acid dip and powdercoating by Wicked Wheels in Crawley. They were very good guys I got to see the workshop and ovens and examples of other wheels old and new they do Burgess Hill (where I live) Porsche garage wheels so are pretty good.

Yesterday fitted cupra gloss black mirror covers, was gonna paint my FR ones with some anthracite paint I asked Wicked Wheels to give me but instead saved it in a can if I change my mind.

So that's it for now you lot are all demanding I get coilovers and hurry up and fit the brakes, cupra and powerflex and bushes I have sitting next to my desk! That will be next now I earn more money than when I started this in 06! Also want a rear ARB then dunno what else yet. Hope you like thanks for everyone's help so far on here and to those of you I have met in person at meets.
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leon mk1 fr tdi
Nov 26, 2004
lincoln, uk
nice motor you got there, some very tasteful mods as well

i want a stubby arial for me leon, and need to get round to painting my calipers black as well:whistle:

T. Spark

Stealth! Not realised just how much you had done to your car in a very short time really.

Looks very nice, deffo need 312mm brakes behind those big wheels, with perhaps CRN 20 grooved discs :whistle:

Im impressed :)


Ibiza PD170
Oct 3, 2007
Cars looking good aimez. The wheels have made a huge difference!

Only thing i'm not too keen on are the chrome surrounds on the little grilles, either side of the main front grille.


Nothing to say ATM...erm
Jun 24, 2006
North of London
i think your car looks superb aimez....
you mentioned that your HIDS are the best mod you have done, and i would have to agree with you. you seem to know exactly how your car wants to look, nice and subtle. thats the look im going for with mine...

i bet your beeza drives hella lot better than the fiesta...keep up the good work..
Listers, parts supplier