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Sean Ryan

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May 2, 2020
Got it this morning and have already done some things
1 click mirrors
park pilot on the rear
needle sweet
throttle response
show fan speed on auto
short beep when lock( may change this back)

Any other suggestions? (2016 FR ST 150)


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Apr 1, 2017
Howdy all. I picked up carista a week ago to help fix an issue with the car. Needed a new battery and used it to register a new battery. Knew it would come in usual for other things. I have a 1.2tsi 2014 sc se techpack.

Changed a few things such as:
  • Needle sweep
  • lower the left mirror on reverse.
  • Tried to alter the indicator flashes to more than 3 but it didn't change anything. Is that a known issue? Not really fussy but would have been nice.
  • Changed throttle to direct and seems nicer!
  • used the debug menu on the MMI to somehow get a carbon fiber effect wallpaper. couldn't even see if it had made the change until i was under the right lighting conditions. So i changed the skin but are there more options

a few things vex me though and wondered if anyone had any experience with them.
Power steering default mode.
Any thoughts on this? anyone noticed any differences and what do the options translate to? eg is sport more heavy?

start screen logo (infotainment) and (instrument cluster)
again is there any list somewhere or pictures of what the options give you? from what i can gather some change it to FR? Putting that on a SE would just be cheating haha but im curious are there different themes?

Now this one might sound odd but is there anyway to change the colour of your car that shows up in the instrument cluster or MMI? Mine just shows up white. would rather have it be white haha.

cheers for any suggestions guys. apologies if its been asked before but i couldn't find a way to search in thread.
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