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de-locking ibiza mk4


Full Member
Dec 19, 2005
can you de-lock the ibiza mk4? the passenger door handle doesn't have a door lock but the drivers side does can you make the drivers door look the same and buy a cap the doesn't have a hole in it??


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Aug 16, 2007
VW Sell a De-locking kit for the Polo

it comes in either Matt Black or Grey think its about 5 quid


Active Member
Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
Yes the plastic covers and lock blanks are the same for all doors and cars. Personally I think that you should buy the de-lock kit from ebay as they include a third part which is a small disc - I don't know what this disc does but VW don't seem to sell it! Changing just the top plastic cover might not work as the top of the lock will still try to poke through the plastic cover that does not have a hole.


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May 3, 2004
the little round disc clips into the barrel hole which is inside the door. Once in, it'll never come out again without drilling through it! Part number @ VW is METALDISC if i remember correctly, and I picked up quite a few when I delocked my Leon, which I've since sold and thrown away the discs!


could buy a rear passenger handle for the drivers side of a 5 door as well mate?
might be a bit cheaper from a local breakers
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