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difference between fr and cupra ?


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Dec 31, 2015
I've he had them school nativity plays would be over a bloody sight quicker :D
Not in the real world, Jesus would have been held back by traffic and long distances and bodykits, not to forget MPG and his extortionate price.

Let's be real, one of the three wise men could easily outperform Jesus in everyday conditions. Fair enough though; on a track day Jesus would start lapping people but at the end of the day, he still only had 2 legs and 2 arms so why is he so special? Jesus isn't any better than one wise man. He'd end up crucified for being faster in acceleration through all gears, daring to set track records,, having a faster top speed, having better standard equipment, having exclusive body panels and paint, being featured in every hot hatch performance comparison, being an actual "hot hatch", not being a diesel car and also because I spent thousands on modifying my son of God but it still isn't as fast as a standard Jesus!
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Apr 21, 2012
I've owned an fr 184 diesel, lovely car quick enough with a decent spec. had an extended drive in a 280 cupra yesterday due to helping a mate out.

fr is a lovely car but no petrol or diesel variant is in same league as a cupra, the cupra is a beast when you floor it but boy do you smile like a kid when you get it kicking :D,

one thing you have to watch in a cupra is revving too much in a low gear when the roads are wet as wheels slide and spin for fun.

thats my honest unbiased factual review :thumbup:

Ronnie Bagel

Monsoon Grey ST 290 DSG
Jul 15, 2016
I heard Seat wouldn't fix Jesus' broken Cupra under warranty as they could see he'd nailed it from Day 1. Boom boom tish

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Mar 30, 2013
Lmao! I heard he was given a fr as a courtesy car?
What the 1.4?, always get them as courtesy cars , I heard he thought it was a bit of a sluggish old mule so gave it to the missus to use ;):D


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Jan 19, 2006
Helsinki, Finland
Not saying that Cupra is not a very good car.
Just saying that it is not so different than FR180tsi/184tdi
Many Cupra owners thinks wayyyyyy to much for their car...its just a Leon.
More horses and does a faster lap on track (if driver knows how to drive) correct.
Same build quality, same materials, ~90% same car as a FR 180.
Maybe in different market areas the standard equipment is very different Cupra vs. FR,
but in here its not...they both have the same stuff and you need to tick options if you want good equipment.
Like Seat Sound...extra option on both and SS is a must to have!
You need to tick Navi on both, you need to tick parking aid front & rear on both, you need to tick Panorama on both.
With a proper Cupra you need to get Cupra seats (mainly foor the looks) and Big brake kit.

I drive almost weekly my co workers 290 ST and it really does not feel ANY special vs my own FR.
I prefer more my FR, it has better ride thanks to aftermarket coilover vs. DCC on that Cupra,
it is faster thanks to APR, it feels more luxurious thanks to more options vs. stock Cupra.

For sure you can upgrade Cupra as i have done my FR and get it better than stock and faster than my FR.

But to sum things up Cupra is just a Leon, not so special some ppl claims and thinks.
I would buy one if the price would be closer the FR, since now Cupra dont offer enough value (ROE)


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Feb 14, 2007
This thread was supposed to be about the differences between Cupra and FR, not Cupra versus modified FR, or Cupra versus FR in different countries which may have different spec levels to the UK etc. In the UK, standard versus standard, there is a big difference between them.


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Jun 5, 2015
I'd say 'big' difference is a bit extreme
Aesthetically I'd agree, there's hardly any difference. However the suspension (dcc), engine, diff, brakes etc. are a lot different. Couple that with an enhanced standard equipment and that's what actually different.

The cupra is obviously better, but the Fr is cheaper to run.

That's it.


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Jun 18, 2015
How boring has this thread become?

So let's state some facts:

FACT - The Cupra has a better suspension setup that the FR and a mechanical (although electronically controlled) LSD, which pulls you out of corners under acceleration better than an FR can. This makes the Cupra a better handling car than the FR.

FACT - The Cupra is faster than any FR stock for stock. And even if you go stage 1 or stage 2 with an FR 1.8 TSI or 2.0 TDI, a stage 1 or stage 2 Cupra would still eat it for breakfast.

FACT - The FR is in all guises more economical than the Cupra. This makes it a better choice irrespective of engine than the Cupra for high mileage drivers.

FACT - The FR and the Cupra are both great cars. They are both Leon's. But, the suspension and drivetrain differences make the Cupra the more engaging car.
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