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ECU Conversion - wiring diagrams added for someone to help me


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Oct 1, 2014
wideband cars also need engine control relay wiring in...

*hint hint*
Question is little bit different: how to match AYP ECU with Standard vw accelerator pedal?
I see that author had same issue. Seems that pedal do not interchangeable between ayp and aum.


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Oct 1, 2014
that would be incorrect
pedal not the issue
Zero wiring change required on pedal
Fisrt sender G79 work perfectly. Tested in 062 group 3rd measuring (foot off pedal 80% - pushed to floor 20%)
Issue is second sender: it do not work as requied and in 062 group 4rd measuring foot off pedal around 7% - pushed to floor around 20%.

Wiring done as follow:
Pedal AUM T6b or Fabia II T6u = ECU AYP/AQX J220 T121
Sender G79 – first:
3 => 73
4 => 35
2 => 36
Sender G185 - second:
1 => 72
6 => 34
5 => 33

Could you please help to find mistake in above wiring?
We have AQX Seat ecu and Fabia mk2 pedal.
May be someone have wiring scheme of AQX Seat Cupra R mk3 for connection ECU to Accelerator pedal? Just to check if it is the same as for AYP.
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