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Engine rebuild - Misfire on idle Cylinder 2


Active Member
Jan 5, 2019
Hi Guys,

Recently have had a fresh engine rebuild in my twin charged cupra.

Back story is a major engine failure so A fresh rebuilt engine was fitted.

The car continues to misfire on cylinder 2 but only at idle. Compression is high and even across all cylinders, as expected form a fresh built engine. Timing is good. New spark plugs fitted, injectors swapped around and fresh coils fitted and swapped across cylinders.

However the engine continues to mis at idle.

Any ideas?


Active Member
Aug 30, 2018
Check the coil pack harness wires that run to cylinder 2 for cracks ect and wrap it in harness tape for good measure then report back. Do you get the flashing engine light or just lumpy tick over?.
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