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hi there, have just ordered some weitech springs and dampners for my LCR and was just wondering if anyone new of a decent guide on fitting them or could just tell me what tools i will need so as i can be sure ive got everything before i start! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys


Feb 2, 2003
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various impact sockets from 16-22mm, spaners, spring clamps, hammer ramp or axel stands and 4 wheel alignment afterwards

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May 24, 2007
retford notts
search for dpj suspension fitting guide on here. pretty informative, although for coilovers, same thing ish...

in a nutshell, undo top nut in engine bay, undo nut in wheel bearing housing clamp.

undo arb brackets and the wishbone will drop to allow room to remove, cold chisel in back of housing to open it up, rubber mallet under the oem shock and hit hard, it should then come free.making sure youve unclipped the abs and pad warning cables from the shock

to refit youll need spring compressors to fit new springs onto the shock, then bumpstop goes on, rubber boot, top mount plate, top mount and bearing coat in white grease and refit as removed

drivers side is harder due to longer driveshaft .

if you havent enough room then you may want to undo the ball joint mounting plate, and slide thu hub out of the wishbone to allow more room....

youll need alignment after anyway


spanners, sockets, mole grips help, deep reach spanners for top mount, spring compressors, rubber mallet, white grease, cold chisel, anti seize.......

be patient with the shock removal, they can be a pita to remove, but anti seize split the hub and hit with rubber mallet should see it out

make sure all top bolts are tight to eliminate any knocking.


Now I'm confused. I fitted mine and was told serial number goes the correct way upp. This meant the tight coil was at the bottom. Does this mean I've got“t wrong cuz I havnt ran into any problems
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