1. pyro

    What front shocks size on a 1p1?

    I need to get new front shocks as mine have the classic 'misting of oil' on a recent MOT. I've found some Bilstein B4's that have the outside diameter of 50mm. Is this correct or is it 55mm, or another size? Car: 2008 1p1 Mk2 Seat Leon, 1.6 petrol BSE engine Thanks
  2. Shocks to replace OEM shocks 2003 Cupra R

    Hello Do you supply a set of front and rear shocks to replace all 4 shocks on a 2003 cupra R (AMK engine)? I am looking for something to work with OEM springs. Thanks in advance
  3. SalSheikh

    Static Shocks of Leon

    Guys, dont know if you suffer from this but now and again i get some static shocks off the car and its really annoying, any remedies for this? Mods, feel free to moe if this is in the incorrect section.
  4. Springs and Shocks

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows wether Cupra springs and shocks would fit on a 1.6 sx ?? Thanks in advance, Paul.
  5. Lowering Springs and shocks

    HI guys I'm still looking into new suspension for my car, but I've decided to don't go with the cheap Hottuning coilovers and so I'm looking for aftermarket quality springs and some aftermarket quality shocks studied for lowered springs. About springs, I need something to resolve my huge...
  6. paul geraghty

    Mk2 Rear Shocks Change

    Is there anyone whom can give me a step by step guide to changing the rear shocks on a gti. Unfortunately they need changing and I am still out of work so cannot afford the garage bill I have spring compressors do you need to remove the brake calipers to do the job? Thats the bit that puts me...
  7. tooly1

    euro rims 15' or 16' and lowering springs and shocks

    :p euro wheels for my mk4 ibiza looking to spend up to 250 ish second hand if poss i dont really know where to look and springs and shocks lowered to either 40 or 45 mm need abit of advice as i still want a level stance if you know what i mean! prices etc would consider decent second hand ...
  8. height difference between lc + lcr springs and shocks??

    Hello, just wondering if anyone knows if theres a difference in ride height if you fit lcr suspension to lc. Had a quick search but couldn't find anything about height, cheers
  9. which shocks?? advice please

    hi guys i am looking at replacing my front shockers, i currently have eibach lowering springs with standard shocks which to be honest were probably fecked when i put the springs on but at the time i wasn't in a position to stump up my extremely hard earned cash. was thinking of something...
  10. fitting springs and shocks

    hi there, have just ordered some weitech springs and dampners for my LCR and was just wondering if anyone new of a decent guide on fitting them or could just tell me what tools i will need so as i can be sure ive got everything before i start! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys
  11. koni shocks and eibach springs

    Hi all, has anybody else on here got koni fsd shocks and eibach pro street kit (30mm) fitted to there LCR. As i fitted mine the weekend and there does not seem any difference in height, just feels more stiff? Pics would help out
  12. cheungy

    Koni Shocks + E SportLines?

    Hiya recently changed my Leon for another Leon:- First thing I picked to do was lowering, at the moment it has 40ish K on the clock with sport suspensions (sport pack/ sport model you get the idea*). My previous leon had prokit springs they were alright but not low enough for my liking so now...
  13. Crackers

    Shocks & Springs or coilovers

    Apart from been adjustable, whats the benifits of coilover suspension? I want to lower my Leon but cant really aford the coilovers but still want to know out of interest. Also anyone recomend the pest Shocks& spring kit to get. Got 19"s on and want to lose that horid gap between wheel and...
  14. shocks and springs ? or just springs and other bits ?

    Hi there.. Am looking to handle up my mk1 fr. Now do i go for a complete suspension kit.. ? or do i do decent springs ,underside arb , and powerflexx bushes ? .. There both about same cost wise obviously a little extra work.. But what do i do ?? i can do the springs and shocks at a later date...
  15. Lifespan of shocks

    So, How long would a set of shocks last if I decided to upgrade. The car's lifetime do you think? Ta. S
  16. shocks

    Hi all, just a quick question i have just bought and fitted front and rear shocks for my 1998ibiza cupra 2L 16v and it leans alot through hard cornering and it does not seem as solid ie when you push down on the corners of the car there is alot of suspension compression where i'm sure it used to...
  17. CupraString

    Springs & Shocks

    Springs & Shocks KW 40mm Lowering Springs & Shocks Suspension Kit - Leon 1M Cupra 1.8T, Cupra R 1.8T, 1.9SDi, 1.9TDi, Cupra 1.9TDi, FR 1.9TDi 01/99> Sorry to start another thread but im back on the idea of springs and shocks rather than coilovers as I prefer a more comfortable ride. With...
  18. Faisal

    Coilovers or shocks+springs?

    I have been doing a lot of searching and found coilovers to be what i want to go for,however i had a good read over warrens coilover sticky in this section, very interesting stuff. it brings me to question myself whether il benefit more from coilovers or shocks and springs. im not bothered...
  19. RichN

    Shocks, Top Mounts and Bearings

    Afternoon.. I need to replace my shocks as passenger side has developed some additional movement. I'd LIKE to do it myself but will take advice if it's a bad idea.. I have a reasonable selection of tools but I do not have a spring compressor. I was planning on replacing the shocks, top...
  20. mymorph

    BANG - oops time for some new shocks & springs then

    as the title says, just looking into getting some new shocks and springs for 1.9tdi ibiza mk4. as the front spring went bang last week :shrug:. would like a little bit of lowering but more important is better handling & ride over choppy roads. had alook at dpm site and have to say i now little...
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