Got my body back..........!

out in the sun idling (still waiting for my bumpers... dam paintshops seem to have the most flexible timescales of all the automotives........ ;-)

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Back older greyer and less oilier but always hope
Jun 19, 2001
there is 2 types of the morrettes mind, the later ones are same size lamps and are sunk in a bit more but the same sort of all in one style grille though so marmite at best

the F2 rally style lamps would be better though :)
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Aug 15, 2011
Any more news on this?? read through for the second time now and itching to see more............. Surley paintshops cant be that bad with time scales lol


What made you go for the F7R 714 over a more modern F4R lump as used in the mk2 clio's? surely this would be better? Would love to know, as planning something pretty special for my Williams for which I already have a 714 lump.
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