1. Sourcing rear back seat lock mech

    Hi all My Cupra R mk1 225 has failed it's MOT on the rear back seat lock mechanism. My local garage has contact Seat and tried various car parts shops but can't source one. Does anyone know where I could buy one? Failing that, does anyone have a part number? Finally if I'm unable to source one...
  2. BubbleBoy

    Milltek cat back

    Hi! Just woundering if the Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8t cat back system from milltek fits on a Seat ibiza Cupra 2.0 16V ? :)
  3. Knocking from the back

    Hello, I've noticed that theres coming knocking noise from the back when going over speed bumbs. You can also hear small knocking noises when going low speeds over small pot holes or such. I've been inside the trunk and put pressure on the boot and I can confirm it doesnt come from the...
  4. Dry Sills but still get a drenched back footwell

    Hi all re-sealed all my doors and get dry door sills but still get sh1t loads of water in the rear footwell behind the passenger seat. Any ideas coz about to give up on it lol. Dont know if it could be somethin to do with the rain runnin down between the front and rear door but how would it...
  5. Chocozai

    Can't turn my headunit back on.

    Hey guys, as some of you may know, I have just resprayed my centre console, which required removing the stereo. Now that I have it re-installed, I can't get it to work. I have red in the manual that when I turn it on after removing it, "Safe" should be displayed on-screen, and then I punch in...
  6. SeanyK

    Im back... With a Cupra TDi !! (And the old member used to be on here!)

    Hey folks! Im back... After a short while away from a Cupra... 4 days actually :happy: I bought a Ibiza Cupra TDi, Black, it's a 2007 (07) and has done 20,300 miles I actually had to get it transported from Penzance to Essex - yes the measures I go through to get the right car!!! But...
  7. Turf Burner 09

    Cupra R back bumper part numbers?

    Im ordering the cupra r back bumper soon and have a list of the parts and part numbers, Is everything i need here or is there any small fixings etc that i may need? REAR BUMPER 1ML807421BGRU LEFT GUIDE 1M6807393F RIGHT GUIDE 1ML807394F TOWEYE COVER 1ML80792879Y Any help would be...
  8. revere

    Lowering at different heights front and back?

    Is this purely for aesthetics or does it have some kind of difference for the drive? The only thing I can think of is if it is lower at the front than the back then there is more weight going through the front, which I am guessing is good seeing as the car is front wheel drive. So does it...
  9. auq

    universal back boxes?

    i had a fiesta rs a while ago and had one of these cheap jap universal rear boxes, i was wondering if i could use one of these on my LC? has anyone every fitted one? im after a really cheap back box for a good sound :). (saving for the milltek! cheers guys!
  10. Cupra R back box onto my original cupra tdi exhaust?

    Hi all :). I was planning to put a cupra R backbox on my cupra tdi but will it be a straight fit or will it need modifiying to make it? Can anyone help? :help:
  11. jordyboy004

    Forgot to put a gutter section back.

    ok so just before the winter and bad weather started i run my boost guage hose through to my o/s drivers air vent. in doing so had to strip a few bits out from under the bonnet. anyway after putting it all back together i noticed a piece had been knocked under the car that i missed. with not...
  12. AndyHazza

    Back in the SEAT saddle again!! :)

    Hello All, Well after a couple of years away from owning a Seat, i've finally got back into it! I originally had a MK3 Ibiza cupra which i loved, but changed it for a VW Corrado VR6 storm, which was also great, but wouldn't have stayed as mint as i would have wanted. I then had a Fabia...
  13. shaunymac

    Shauny Mac's LCR (new pics added 20/1/11)

    Well I am on to my 4th Leon now 2 mk1's and 2 mk2's the LCR is my favourite though. Not really any mods so far apart from 007p, N249 Bypass, Silicone TIP, Air filter and Eibach pro springs. Here is the day I bought it. And after a recent wash Plans are to get all the...
  14. scorpion 6x4 oval cat back system?

    any body got this system fitted? any good? how does it sound? is it better than the milltek system?........thanks:D
  15. RickyD1975

    When should I put my BBS CK's back on?

    I was just wondering when people with a 2nd set of wheels would put them back on after the winter months. This week seems to be the best week weather wise and I was aiming to put my BBS CK's back on before the end of this month. Has anyone else put their summer wheels back on yet?
  16. DaveysFR

    A stop gap to a full cat back or turbo exhaust for a bit more noise...

    Hi guys, I was thinking what I could do to make the exhaust a bit louder on my Cupra for the smallest outlay of cash as possible. I was going to get a Cat back but I decided I would try and remove the middle box from the standard exhaust system to see how it would sound. So I took the car to...
  17. Got my Porsche reps back from powder coaters *NOW FITTED* UPDATE

    Thought I start my own thread on these after sort of taking over someone elses (sorry Garry) lol. I bought them about a month ago but they were in need of a refurb. I've been after a set of these for about a year now they aren't produced anymore which made my search abit harder. They are...
  18. John007

    Back In A Leon At Last

    It has taken 3 months of hunting and now at last I am back in a Leon. After having had my Golf Gti for 2 Years I have picked up a mint 2 Year old Candy White Leon Fr TDI with Body Kit. This will be the first Diesel I have ever owned, to be honest I am quite impressed with how it goes and...
  19. warren_cox

    MV Sport turbo back exhaust system: 2.0TFSi

    As some of you know, I've been running a variation on stage 2+ for a while, and due to the inconveniences that keep you from dipping your hand in your pocket for an exhaust, I'd been without a decent one for nearly a year longer than I should have been. After much consideration, research and...
  20. Car pulling back after 3k rpm

    :help: Hi everyone i bought a seat leon 1.8 20v turbo on a y reg a while ago, Know its stared giving me some problams. When i set off and put my foot down the car goes upto 3000revs stop picking up speed and feels like something is pulling it back :confused:, the 2nd problam is when i...
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