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Mar 2, 2002
If I read it correctly, his block is not production based, it's from a rally car?

F7r is originally from the clio williams, but this is the 714 version which is the Megane 16v homologation item for the Maxi kit cars, hence the block is 30% stiffer but 6kg lighter, which is nice. Even so i have done a lot of strengthening on the bottomed, with a 12mm steel plate and machined from solid crank bearing caps effectively turning the bottom end into a ladder frame style assembly, and then further stiffened by a machined from solid dry sump plate.
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No the 714 was used for the megane as well as the 710. Thus, I have a 714 lump I fitted to my Williams.
Sep 15, 2012
Just found this thread. What an amazing piece of engineering. No human i have ever met has the intelligence you have. I bow down to the thought, time, engineering and money that has gone into this.
Truly a work of art, would love to see some more updates on this.
Just read through this thread and pretended i understood everything you wrote, but really i have heard nothing like it ever in my life.
Great work there, would love to see more updates on this immense machine!
Finally, an update, on what must be the worlds slowest project thread!

After finally getting some time off other better 'paying' projects, building a decent sized workshop extension, doing a lot of mountainbiking, breaking my wrist, getting bogged down developing hybrid hypercars, much prevarication, spending hundreds of hrs on custom electronics, phaffing, chilling, and much more, it's done (nearly....... ;-)


(PS, no the front bumper is not fitted properly! needs a bit of a trim and adjustment to the brackets etc)
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May 19, 2001
Clanfield, UK
Bad luck on the limb breaking - I've got 10 more weeks and I'll make it a year without an x-ray

But well done on 'finishing' the car - it's on huge steps from when I first saw it back in 2002ish! Any thoughts on SVA/MOT and the rules to make it legaler?

TBH, i'm undecided on if i will get it MOT'd etc. It's such a pain to drive at anything other than full speed driving it on the road is really not very rewarding!

There's a few tidy up jobs to do, and the transmission mapping could be better tbh, so i will get those done and book a trackday or two [B)]


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Jul 25, 2001
oooooooooooooooooo we like this...

nice to see it nearly done.

would be nice to meet at a track day sometime when its alive and strutting its stuff..

Awesome.. truely awesome

I've been doing a few little housekeeping jobs in a couple of spare hrs:

Intalled the RF burst Telemetry and GPS antenna:

Fitted into the top of the refuelling panel mounted in the drivers side rear window (drivers blind spot so ok to blank out some of the normal window aperture etc

The GPS data is sent out over the high speed can bus, and is used for back up velocity measurement, and the GPS global time parameters are used by various modules to synchronize data logging. The RF Burst Telemeter is fitted to the Flight recorder module, and uses high speed Radio Frequency transmission to send back logged data to a stationary base station. In effect, the flight recorder logs a whole "lap" and in the few seconds the car is close enough to the base station this data is downloaded in a single high speed "burst"

Other jobs have been properly fitting the front undertray, which turned into one of those stupid "swear at it for 4 hrs" kinda jobs........ ;-)

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