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How to update Sat Nav, in simple easy terms


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Apr 28, 2009
If you run an error check that's when you may find a Software Version Management (SVM) error. Obviously if you haven't got VCDS / Obdeleven and do the check you are none the wiser to an Infotainment error which means someone has been meddling with the unit. You can't clear these the normal way by just saying clear errors, it pops up back again. Dealers don't clear these since you have to go through a procedure to clear them.

It has been cracked but you do sometimes have to repeat the procedure since the error stacks up. Obdeleven clear process I cover here, post 35:


Your normal person isn't into Boolean algebra which is the way the compute clear code is generated. Whilst I have the pure maths degree for it, I'm too old to bother with it by doing it by hand, I use the Audi enthusiast form filling routine :). Covered in the thread.

They are annoying when you get them. By rebooting the standard unit before you re-insert the SD card after the workaround you stop all processes in the unit. Just putting the card in the unit without a full power down is where I believe the SVM error gets introduced, which is reported by a number of people on the main Leon thread. Whilst the unit will work fine with the SVM flag, it's nice to clear them. I've never had one on the standard unit but my antics on the high have caused them. People upgrading the firmware also trigger them.
Cheers Tell I didn't know that so I might have buggered things up, but everything seems to be ok at present. I will do a scan with my VCDS and see what shows up. Thanks again for your excellent grasp of this matter and your good advice which has helped me out on a number of occasions.
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