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Key Fob not working after garage visit

Jul 6, 2020
HI guys,

My Seat Altea XL's window wouldn't scroll down. I took side door panel off to investigate. WIndow Regulator was gone.

At this point all buttons on key fob worked before taking the panel off.

When I took off the door panel the top 2 buttons worked on my fob (lock, boot, but open didn't) My guess was because of the panel being off the door and the wires not being connected.

I put my car in the garage to get the timing belt done and the window regulator.

I expected the 3 buttons on the key fob to be working after the panel was put back on. I got to the garage and only the lock, boot buttons were working.

The garage said it was possibly the battery, they put a new battery in the fob. Came back out and no buttons what were working - not sure what they did!

Anyway after that he put the computer on the car and no faults showed.

The fob lights up red when I hit a button but no light shows on the cars indicator.

I've followed Youtube videos on how to sync the fob to the car but it doesn't work. But shortly after doing the sync when i click the fob it sounds like its trying to work but doesn't.

Does anyone have any advice or ideas? Not sure if its my fault, the garages or just a coincidence that the fobs not working...
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