leak in my rear passenger footwell,


im trying to pinpoint the source of the leak in my rear passenger footwell, have had seats up, carpets up, all door trims etc. found nothing except a lot of water.yesterday i got a mate to pour water all over the door seals, windows and roof on the nearside, when the water was poured on the top corner of the doorit was leaking in onto the carpet just under the seatbelt mounting (bottom of seatbelt, where the black rail thing is), this to me says it could be the door seal itself, ive had the passenger doorcard off too as ive heard water gets in through the window seal and out the bottom of the doorcard, but inside there is dry. anyone think it could be anything else or deffo door seal? thanks


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Jun 27, 2008
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you checked under the sound proofing under the back carpet where it is?
this happened to me earlier this year and it was a rubber bung that had fallen out and left about a inch and a half 2 inch hole in the floor. hope this helps :)
Nov 25, 2007
i did this :D

i also removed my sub wires as wel as i think this was makin water get in car. as the bungs fell out of floor aswel
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na mate had all the carpet and soundproofings up and all the rubber bungs are secure, ive put some sealant round to ensure this and water is still getting in. i put a thin layer of kitchen roll round the door seal last night to see if i could pinpoint the leak, then after it rained this morning i checked it, most of it was dry, but where the rear window joins onto the black panel between the door and the rear quater panel window was absolutely soaked, although the seal on the door itself which goes round the top of the door was literally dripping wet. which seal may be at fault, or could it be a combination of both?


put windscreen sealer around the aluminium plate inside the door card !
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