MIB 3 infotainment issues


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Jan 20, 2019
Has anyone with the new facelifted Arona had any issues with the infotainment system? When I picked my new Arona FR Sport up on the 9th April and connected my iPhone 8 and tried to use Car Play for maps and music via Spotify I had no sound so asked the dealer if there was anything wrong with it they just pressed the power button until it rebooted. It then worked and the music played. The next day the same thing happened so I held the power button until it rebooted. The following day it worked at first and then started crashing and rebooting. Since then it has worked ok most of the time but every now and then we get no sound, when this happens you can turn th volume down (the volume bar goes down) but not up. The other issue that happens a lot is when using Google maps the car doesn’t know where it is (I live in Kent but the car thinks it is in Essex) when this happens rebooting (phone and infotainment system) makes no difference. At first I thought it was my phone but I can open Google maps when not in the car and it knows where I am but then changes when I turn the infotainment system on. I am on Hardware: H57, Software: 0809, Navigation database: 22.1, Media Codec: 3.1.4, Radio database: 1.30.24 I have my car booked in next Monday to have a look at it so hopefully can sort it out. My daughter picked her Arona up the same day and hasn’t had any issues (same spec car, just in a different colour) Also my phone works perfectly using wireless Car Play in my Cupra Formentor.


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Guess the ongoing software issues. Software 0809 is that the same as the other Arona. Map jumping has been reported on the Formentor thread even when using Google and Car Play. Weird one.

Keep at the dealer for updates. The Formentor ones are slowly getting fixed via updates. @East Yorkshire Retrofits to see whether they see anything on their system about release updates that a dealer should be doing.

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