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mk4 gear box


ive recently noticed my gear box has been playing tricks on me as late. when i first start my car and put it into gear 9 times out of 10 it will go in no problem but on the odd occasion its doesn't want to know. its like there's something blocking it so i have to go back to neutral and try again untill it finally gives in,then after that back to normal untill it wants to play up again. sounds strange i know but has anyone else encountered the same sort of thing. thanks


low and behold i have a 1.4 DAB special edition 56 plate as well. sounds like im going to have to get it checked out before a major problem arives. only had my ibiza now for about 6 months straight from dealer with only 24000 on the clock and already had front bushes changed and a new anti roll bar fitted. when it rains it pours. looking for some ideas to alter my ibiza if you have any.like spraying the plastic behind the plate, fitting a splitter and the main objective some new alloys as the standard DAB ones just dont cut it. looking for bbs lm replica's in 17" but thats easier said than done. oh and cupra wing mirrors in black thats a must. thanks for your time


liking your 1.9tdi bkr looks like alot of time and hard work put in.


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Oct 19, 2008
i have a 1.4 100bhp popped out of 5th on the motorway n wouldnt go back in! was some shreaded plastin round 5th gear removed it n not it whistles in 5th!!! has done 12k miles since then tho so fingers crossed itl last!
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