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Mk4 Suspension


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Mar 3, 2012
Near Glasgow, Scotland
Have just lowered my car however the tie rods no longer fit as the dampers are shorter. I completely forgot about this and now my anti roll bar is not connected up. I'm aware that there is a car the rods fit from when lower, a Ford IIRC. Any help would be great as I quite like having an anti roll bar :p


Hello to all you fellow Seat drivers. I'm new on this forum....didn't know it existed but now i've found it, it's brilliant. Congratulations to all the admin team and contributors.
On my (lowly compared to the Cupra's) 2005 1.4 sxtdi Ibiza I need to change the front wishbone rear bush. I'm fairly handy with the spanners but wanted to know just how difficult this job is. Any tips you can give me or would you suggest a garage do them for me.
Thanks all.
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Ol' Timer

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Jun 20, 2004
Hello David. There is a guide here for fitting them. (The standard ones shouldn't be very different to fit from the Cupra versions.) You either have to make up a tool as described or buy one from around £60. It might be cheaper to find a good independent specialist to fit them for you.


Ahh thank you for such a quick response...i'll take a look at the guide. I've rebuilt many a motorbike over the years but not sure about tackling the front suspension on mine. I have a friendly local garage I can use if I need to.
Thanks again.


Just another little question...what lube do I need to go into the hole in the centre of the rear bush...and is it available from a normal motor factors....i.e, Halfords or similar ?


I've just decided to go down the powerflex route with the rear console bushes, fitting the (non Cupra) ones on my 1.4tdi. I have a new pair of Meyle ones which I now won't need but do the Powerflex ones have the off-set in them like the Meyle and standard ones have. (I'm awaiting their delivery and thought i'd ask all you experienced peoples out there) :)


Personally I think the powerflex are the easiest option as you don't need to press them back in but you need quite a bit of effort to get the wishbone home into the bush they come with lube that is very similar to copper slip so use loads!


Thank you for the info...they certainly seem the easier option as to the fitting. I'm still not sure though if they have the off-set the same as the standard and Meyle ones. If they're exactly centred and not offset will that affect the tracking, I will get it done anyway but was just curious......


I've fitted my new wishbones but couldn't use the new Meyle bushes (supplied with them) or the Powerflex bushes which i'd bought separately to fit as the bushes fitted were a mod by Seat (Audi ones) and are not removeable...so i've listed them on e bay. If you're interested my e bay id is emo5c so take a look. I hope this is ok placing this on here. :confused::shrug:


Question - hope you can all help.

Car is a 2002 Ibiza Sport TDI (PD130)

When turning on the spot and on roundabouts etc we hear a knocking noise. Roll bar previously re-attached at an MOT which is around when we hear the noise start.

Steering still feels fine to me, but the noise is offputting.

Also, even though the car has new discs and pads, we get a lot of wheel wobble when braking.
The wheel also lightly wobbles when at speed on the motorway.

Is this a common thing with these Ibizas?

It's old, and fairly high mileage so if the cost is going to be significant I'm tempted to lease the new Leon as the car has already cost around £1000 in the last 12 months through MOT, servicing etc.

Any help appreciated


Good morning!

I'm just a newbie member on here but I've had my little 1.2 6L for 7 years and covered over 70k (nearly) hassle free miles with her, but I'm now encountering exactly the same knock and wheel wobble problem! A little worrying...

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!



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Apr 23, 2011

I have had coilovers fitted to my ibiza for a few years now with shortened drop links. I want to put the standard suspension back on. Will I need longer drop links again? Sorry I'm not very clued up on this sort of stuff so may sound stupid to others. Thanks


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Mar 25, 2014

I'm thinking about buying a set of Koni Sport Shocks Kit (1140-3333) for my FR -06. I can get them for approximately £500 which I think is OK.

I want a performance upgrade, ie I don't want to lower the car just because of the better looks, and the plan is to do a few trackdays now and then. I will run the normal 17 inch wheels with 205/40 or 215/40 tires.

I have some questions:

1. Would you recommend this kit or is there something else in the same price range that is better? In my mind it's better to spend this money on this kit instead of a cheap and more complex coilover kit.

2. Do I need to buy something else (bushings etc)?

3. Do I need to do any modifications to the car due to the fact that it will be lower? Koni claims it to become 30-35 mm lower.
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