My Arosa problem may shortly be solved by a sledgehammer!


No seriously, there is a sledgehammer next to it right now, and I'm sorely tempted to take my frustrations out then scrap it!

Anyways I got a W reg 1.0 Arosa, since I bought it back in April its had no end of problems, and no one seems to know how to fix it, so.................
Started off hesitating when I drove, then carried on fine,

Then would go about 3k revs till you changed up gear then same scenario when it came up to 3k revs again,

Then was just stalling for no reason, could be sat at traffic lights and power would just go!
On one occasion we were driving along when the revs dropped to 0 and the oil light was flashing and lots of beeping!

Then the piece de resistance! Revs would drop to 0, power steering would go and power would be completely lost, after it did this 3 times within 10 mins and resulted in me being towed off the motorway and losing the power to live!

So any ideas people? I've now had the spark plugs changed, cam sensor replaced, and finally the throttle body replaced yesterday, hoped that would solve the problem, but driving back from the garage, had the whole losing revs and oil light thing.
I'm baffled and now the mechanic is baffled as well, and has no idea what to try next!

Quite frankly I've had enough of the flipping :censored: EVen if it gets mended I will sell it, or if anyone wants to buy a non-working one, let me know!


Apr 13, 2008
Colchester, Essex.
I'm guessing you've topped up the oil and power steering fluid?...Could be the wiring...

You can get the computers that link up to the ECU, that could tell you the problem..


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Mar 1, 2008
May be the head gasket, worth getting it pressure tested. Don't forget may find the fault. Any VAG dealer can do this for you.

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Jun 19, 2001
so it started as a hesitation / then shooting to 3000 revs / now a regular stalling

first thing to do is get a vagcom check for any irregularities it may have collected and recorded

is this fault happen all time one or just when warm or cold after a run etc ?

ps- dont hammer it just yet :):)


Nope, it happens at any time, doesnt matter if its warm, cold, been running for a long time, etc. And no, it doesnt happen all the time, can go a week or more without anything happening, then it could happen 3 times in one day :censored:

We've had it linked up to the computer and it identified a problem and said it could be the throttle body or the cam sensor, both of which have been fixed!

Chappie at SEAT garage said it could be a problem with electronic accelerator cable, that was when my partner was asking about getting a new throttle body. But then they didnt actually look at the car. If it is this, anybody got any ideas how much that would cost?

And if anyone else has any other ideas please throw them at me! :happy:

At this rate I may as well just buy a new engine! :p


Well.....................newish thing on the way home! It just wouldnt 'catch' the revs if you know what I mean:confused: Even with yer foot flat on the accelerator you could hear it 'missing', not misfiring. It was really difficult to get the thing moving, it just wanted to stall, this went on for at least 5 mins, settled down and then started 'missing' again.

Does this lead credence to the theory that it is the accelerator switch? I think I'm going to take it to a SEAT garage methinks and see what they say. Otherwise can someone recommend a really good reliable mechanic/garage in Manchester?

Cheers! :D


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May 23, 2006
Few years ago mind did similar things and it turned out to be the fuel pump.

The thing started beeping to F##K then would just tick over and not accelerate.

I only knew it was the fuel pump as when you went to restart the car you couldnt hear the 'HUMMM' it does prior ?

(it does this when you unlock the door too)

Might be worth listening to see if the fuel pump working next time it dies?


Nope, def a Hummmm there! Its only done the beep thing twice so far.

And no cracks and splits in the hoses, thats all been checked. Anyways its going to the SEAT garage this week for a thorough look over, and we'll see what they say, not going to tell them what I've already had done.
Interestingly when my OH rang up the SEAT garage to ask about getting a new throttle body the chap commented that he'd only ever sold a couple, but had had lots of requests and problems with the accelerator switch, and in the beginning the EPC light used to com on quite a lot, so we'll wait and see!



Right, just spent an hour and half with the RAC guy after the car completely gave up! Wouldnt even start, and if you got it to do so would also immediately die! Very nice RAC man did diagnostics on it to find multiple faults on it, but did say it may be given false readings!

Sooooooooo, he spent time disconnecting things and trying to start it, and.....thank you wasnt until he disconnected the temperature sensor that it started! Reconnected it and it wouldnt start!

Plan of action is that he's now coming back tomorrow with a new temperature sensor, he also pointed out that the spark plugs were all different, and the leads were the wrong ones, which probably wouldnt helpall of which are being changed tomorrow! Whats really annoying is that the last RAC bloke said this, I told the bloke at the garage where I bought it this, when I got it back last week he said he'd changed them :wtf: However this may not sort all the other problems and this may just be a new one!

Really annoyed with the guy I bought it from now, and tempted to ask him to pay for the spark plugs especially as we had to buy the throttle body cos he said it was too expensive!
So fingers crossed everybody that this does the trick! Oh and the new wing mirrors come tomorrow.

Till then.................the saga continues! :happy:


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Mar 1, 2008
So it looks like it was just the "basics" that have given up then. Nothing a decent service wouldn't cure.
Don't tell me, the seller told you it had just been serviced.


So near..............and yet so far! :D

Had the the temperature sensor replaced, spark plugs and leads replaced. RAC bloke also took out the new throttle body and put the old one back in, worked like a dream!
Coming back to work momentarily lost power, car wouldnt go above 3k revs again, although thankfully, it didnt slow down like it usually did, but refused to budge past 3k!

Not a nice thing to happen on the Mancunian Way as those who've been down it can imagine! :happy:
So next step is putting the new throttle body back in and see what happens!

I'm now keeping the sledgehammer on the back street just in case.................................:whistle:


Hi .... just read thru your list of probs ... has no one checked out the TPS - Throttle Position Switch - or the Idle Valve ?? My best mate is a mechanic who has diagnostic kit ... he regularly chats to me about problems / solutions he finds, & these 2 items seem to crop up alot!! The first lets the ECU know how far down the accelerator is being pressed, the second is part of the process that tells the ECU to make the engine idle, as the accelerator is no longer being pressed. If you can find a local mechanic who uses the diagnostic kit ... AUTO DIAGNOS is one that my mate uses ... then they tend to be switched on to the finer points of engine problems!!! Gd luck !!


I'm losing the will to live! :happy:

The RAC man (yes, had them out again!) has finally diagnosticted it down, after experiencing the fault itself, and more diagnostics, identified itself as a fault with the engine speed sensor, so now I'm off to found out how much that would cost and fix if necessary!

Wish me luck.............................


Its meeeeennnddeeddd! :funk: One new engine speed sensor, me a lot poorer at £163, but not had a single problem since! Now its just the annoyng tapping to sort out, new front indicator, and new locking system to install!

Some buggers broke both my locks now and instead of buying two locks at £60 each, and it aint even central locking, I'm going to have a central locking system put in at half the price. Finally sorting the interior out as well, also need to work out how to cover up the small marks and scratches without an entire respray. I shall post a pic of the 'ugly duckling' soon!


Pleased you're back on the road properly. Given my enforced four month sabbatical from driving, I sympathise entirely. What is it about Arosas that it takes so long to diagnose their faults?

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