My Rolling Road result - Advice needed please


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Oct 4, 2008
Hi guys :)

Got my car on the RR today with the local car club, quite pleased with the result

Mods are -

AmD Stage 1 Remap
Open Induction kit
3" Downpipe and decat / standard centre section / Supersprint backbox
N75J Valve

Got 200bhp and very pleased with that for Stg1 and considering its on 108k miles now. Got 170bhp back in September on the same rollers without the FMIC and decat

As you can see my torque is all over the place, the guy there said I would benefit from getting a seperate electronic boost controller to smooth out the torque. What would you guys recommend for this and what else could I do to get more out of it on this map?

Cheers, Lee :)
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JabbaSport K04 Cupra
Feb 11, 2010
what psi are you running ? i had mine on the rollers today similar spec but apparently mines got a k04 turbo etc but were not 100% sure on that yet but i need another map etc but i got 192.8 bhp @ 9 psi
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