1. Bocanegra Rolling Road Results + Video + Graph

    Went back to see the guys at Awesome on Friday to put the car on their rolling road. Very happy with the results and not completely surprised as I was sure the car felt faster than 180PS. I'm uploading the vid to youtube and will update the post when its on. I'll also post the graph once...
  2. Rolling road results help?

    Took the leon cupra 180bhp to the rollers today any the results were not quite right. The car is a standard cupra, made 185 bhp, which means its gain 5bhp from manufacturers spec :lol: The problem is though the power curve rose and dipped slightly twice before peaking. It happened on all...
  3. V5 170 rolling road result

    Apologies for the delay, it was harder than I thought to find a scanner!! Anyway, for all the 20 valvers out there, here is the result of my rolling road; It is totally mod free, not done anything except replace a few coil packs. It's long past 120,000 miles, and according to the all-knowing...
  4. James_LCR

    Revo Remap and Rolling Road - Heat Soak?

    Evening all, I had my car on the rolling road day today, and it saw 223.5 BHP with 209 lbf-ft as standard. I then had my car remapped (Revo Stage 1). After, we then put it back on the rollers and taken it for a spin with vag-com making sure the boost and timing etc was all correct, which...
  5. remaps and rolling road

    has anyone had a remap from streetwise automotive in bristol. whats the benifits from a rolling road when having a remap done cause this place does n't have one and charges £500 for a stage 2 remap. what do you guys think of this
  6. DaveysFR

    Rolling Road Results Seem a little low maybe?

    Hi guys, had my Cupra RR'd yesterday and it made 279bhp and 301lb/ft of torque, is this a bit low for a Stage 1 Bluefin map and an EVOMS intake?
  7. psycho6285

    LCR on Rolling Road, what should i expect?

    Hi Im off to Awesome GTI next weekend with a friend, sticking the LCR on tho rollers, just wondering what i should expect from what i have on the car, it not much mind you!! lol Forge 007 N249 Bypass K&N 57i Just inquiring so i know if its fu**ed or not. Cheers
  8. My Rolling Road result - Advice needed please

    Hi guys :) Got my car on the RR today with the local car club, quite pleased with the result Mods are - AmD Stage 1 Remap Open Induction kit 3" Downpipe and decat / standard centre section / Supersprint backbox N75J Valve Uni FMIC Got 200bhp and very pleased with that...
  9. remaps and rolling road

    where is the closest place to bristol that has a rolling road and does remaps and tuneing.
  10. deann

    Bad Rolling road....HELP Needed

    Not great only 252 HP and 210 FtLb But i'm running stage 1 superchip. And a forge spacer and i dont think that helps...Also got them to run a VAG COM?? and it high lighted Fault 008801 - Boost Pressre control valve N249 Mechanical malfunction??? So it's now booked in to Seat on Monday...
  11. borderboy

    My ibiza cupra tdi rolling road result

    Well i took the old bus on the rollers the other week....last time it was on it pulled 210bhp. Not bad for a remap - K+N filter - decat exhaust
  12. WeeG

    Car completly fixed and ROLLING ROAD RESULTS!!!!!

    Well guys i'm very surprised. I have now got my dpf delete completly fixed, and i had it rolling roaded again by Henry Roy from kilmarnock. Private rolling road but he helped design the first rolling roads in south africa. Anyway i have had all my cars done there as he and a lot of others have...
  13. Si_TDi_FR

    Emocion Red Ibiza FR *Porsche Wheels!* For Sale :(

    Thought i may aswell stick a thread up :) Finally got rid of my Peugeot 206 after a dreadful 6 months of owning such a **** car. Never again am i going french!! Anyway moved onto bigger and better things.... 2007 Seat Ibiza Fr in Emocion Red, here are some of the photo's from the advert...
  14. Berg

    My Rolling Road figure, Advice now needed

    Had my car RR'd last week [email protected] and 222.2 torque It has an unknow map and only peaks at 14psi and tails off to about 11psi Laguna FMIC Powerflow CatBack K&N Open cone Forge 007p N249 & N112 & SAI Bypassed Would it be worth me getting Revo Stage 1 ive seen they tend to peak...
  15. Gunnie

    My rolling road day

    I took my standard Leon 1.8T on a rolling road today everything was ok but the engine managment light is on now,I gather this will have something to do with being on the rollers. Any ideas???
  16. CJRamze

    Cupra 1.8T Rolling Road Graphs

    Hi There, I'm waiting to be sent my Cupra Rolling Road graphs at the moment but safe to say It wasnt what was expected What I'm looking for is people to post their results, Stage 1 or 2 The person who mapped it and the mods you've done. If your graph doesnt say, Peak ATF BHP and Overall...
  17. Damoegan

    Rolling road day section!!

    Am I going daft or had the Rolling road day section disappeared?
  18. dippy4000

    Rolling road v liquid gauge readings

    I was wondering why there is a difference between the rr and liquid gauge power and torque outputs. for example the car was stage 1 mapped in june on a hot day, on the rr it came out with 208bhp and 242 lb/ft, the liquid gauge today says 197bhp and 222lb/ft. I have only done approx...
  19. pdh 14a

    Rolling roaded the Tdi sport!

    I'm a very happy man! It managed 194.7 bhp and 316.3 ft lb of torque!:-o So if anyone thinking of having a Remap,Revo looks like it knows what its doing :D
  20. Mr OCD

    LC run on dyno dynamics rolling road session...

    Got a bit of a surprise yesterday when I turned up at a customers premises to find he owns his own garage with a dyno dynamics rolling road... so cheekily I asked how much to run the Cupra on it... free he said ... :funk: So the Cupra was bolted up to the rolling road and given a run... not...
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