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oil leak


ok i have a 16v abf with an oil leak when i bought it oil level was in the middle between min an max but since then ive had 2 top it up 3 times. wondering is there a common place it leaks as i cant tell just by looking at the engine.also when i had the exhaust welded on a ramp the bottom of the car is soaked in oil help plz


Seat Cordoba 2.0 16v SX
Nov 8, 2008
Aldershot, Hampshire
I recently got to the core of my oil leak. Check the oil pressure switch (connector topside of oil filter housing, visible from front of engine bay).
My ABF was losing oil rapidly and oil was all over the underside of the car/engine. Mine now dry as a bone!
Not sure if its a common prob but worth a look. The leak caused other problems to occur as oil got into other connections so its worth sorting quickly. Hope that helps.


ok when the car was at the garage getting sorted ive been told i need a auxiliary shaft is there anyware online i could get 1 and how much would seat want? thx
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