1. Servicing Question

    Hi all, I've got a leased '19 Cupra 290. It's done ~6700 miles and is about 14 months old. Lease is 24 months duration with ALD. The oil service notification has just appeared. Can someone explain the whole 'fixed interval' vs 'long-life' servicing regime please? Doing some searching here it...
  2. Gearbox oil change interval

    Hi all, asking for advise about interval of changing gearbox (manual) oil, it is for Seat Leon 5F1, 2015 1.4 TSI 125hp. also is this a original catalogue number about gear box G 052 527 A2 thanks in advance
  3. Legojon

    Servicing Jacking the front & oil+filter change guide

    Getting started: It's your cars birthday. And what do cars love more than cake? That's right oil! So first let's assemble the tools you'll need. As well as a jack, axle stands and wheel chocks (or house bricks) you'll need: Something to catch the oil! Newspaper to avoid messing up your...
  4. Lozzy15

    Engine bay Oil Catch Can Fitting Guide - 1.4Tsi MK3 Leon

    Hi guys and gals, Just a quick guide today - how to fit a oil catch can for your engine. This is very simple and virtually anyone can do this with minimal tools. If you're wondering whether to bother fitting a catch can, google will explain much better than me, but essentially it helps capture...
  5. Lozzy15

    Servicing Service guide - How to change the oil & filter - 1.4 MK3 Leon

    Hi guys & gals, A nice simple guide today on how to change your oil & filter at service time. I'll also show how to change the pollen filter. I won't be talking about the air filter as I have a custom one on my car so there's nothing for me to change/clean just yet. Another point to note is...
  6. OJ9693

    Europarts oil and filter sale

    Yes i know they always have sales on but this one is for engine oil and filters if anybody was in need or will need soon! Thought i'd share :)
  7. FR MK3 2.0 184 oil temperature

    Hi all. Apologies if this has already come up. I've seen a couple of similar posts but nothing quite the same. My oil temperature when driving normal is between 90 and 100 celcius. When driving it hard after 10-30 minutes it would run up to 115 ish but then come back down to earth at 95-100...
  8. Capacity coolant, oil

    Hi everybody, Can somebody help me please? What is the capacity of coolant and oil in my Leon Fr 2014 1.4TSI act 110kw? And you think, that is good to change a coolant, when I will replace a water pump? Thanks
  9. Oil temp on MFD?

    Greetings, is there a way to check your oil temp or pressure, either by some app or somehow on MFD, would be really cool to see your normal oil temp difference while crusing and flooring it.
  10. Yerda1390

    DQ200 Oil Change/Service?

    Hi chaps, I am currently in a bit of a pickle, I have a 2011 Seat Ibiza FR TSI DSG and ive just hit 50k miles, now, I have read online that the box is "Sealed for Life" and all that, but ive also read that it can be serviced and the oil and filter can be changed. Is there any definitive answer...
  11. 100th thread about oil recommendations

    Greetings, considering my Cupra has 230k km /143k miles and I will soon be getting a +30-40hp remap, what 5w40 oil brand do you recommend? One of the better options I have in my local shop are: 5W40 MOBIL Super 3000 5W40 Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 Castrol Magnatec C3 5W40 Castrol EDGE TITANIUM Turbo...
  12. 10w60 for 340hp cupra?

    Greetings, I am in the process of becoming a Leon Cupra Mk2 owner. I found a very good example which has been taken care of. It has been tuned by official Revo dealer in my country and it puts out around 330hp/290whp on the dyno. Owner says he used 5w30 before but for last few years he puts in...
  13. VAQ LSD Servicing

    I’m a bit past 30,000 miles and have read that a VAQ Differential Service is Required. I am looking at probably doing the DSG oil service a little earlier than the recommended 40,000 miles but am confused as I have been told by one garage that the VAQ Differential “shares” oil from the DSG...
  14. Cupra 300 - Suitable Oil

    Check oil level light came on this morning, don't have the handbook with me and Google isn't helping other than 5-30w being suitable. Can anybody tell me if this would be suitable for topping it up...
  15. Bits of dipstick crumbled into oil sump?

    Was just changing my dipstick tube as the old one snapped in half. A couple/few bits of the plastic crumbled off down the tube into the sump. The bits were only 1-5mm big. I'm thinking shouldn't be much of a problem - will either melt or get crushed up if they make it past the pick up/oil...
  16. Gearbox oil change

    Does anybody know how to change this on a seat ibiza fr 1.2tsi 2015 model, or where the plug is to drain ?
  17. Leon fr tdi 2.0 170bhp serious issues

    Hi guys I posted this earlier but think it was in the wrong place. 2008 leon fr tdi 2.0 170bhp Using a lot of oil (1 litre every 300 miles average) blue smoke pumping out of the back of it lazy start up, lumpy idle and no power now at all. Started about 3 months ago blue smoke coming out of...
  18. Oil Consumption Problem with Seat Leon 1.2 TSI 2014

    Guys, Please help me out! My Seat Leon 1.2 TSI 2014 started consuming too much oil since last service. Approximately it consumes 1 litre for every 500km which is too much; I usually top up 1 liter every 2000km. Current mileage is 146,000km Did anyone experience similar problem? I just...
  19. ABF oil pressure

    Hello guys, As the title states, what should be the oil pressure on a rebuilt engine with the original oil pump on a 5w40 oil 500miles into break in @ 100C oil temp and 90sth water temp during idle? The engine spun a bearing if that matters.
  20. bhai sab

    Engine oil recommendation

    I have a 1ltr Arona What engine oil is recommended?
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