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Puddle In Passenger side footwell !!


Good Evening all,

Got in my Leon FR today and discovered a puddle in the passenger side footwell.

the confusing part is that only the base of the footwell is really wet and I cant feel any other damp bits leading to the footwell.

Also now my aircon / heater has little or no power when on full and there is a definate whistle coming from the system.

i have read on another thread that door seals can leak but have checked this and seems ok.

does anybody have any ideas.

Help !!


Jun 2, 2001
door seals will look ok,but they leak.mine were replaced on my toledo,they still leak.


kaizer is in the making
Sep 17, 2005
check you pollen filter dude! sounds like its either full of leaves or the filter cover has moved and letting water from your screen straight through the system into your passenger footwell! not even the dealers can fit these back on properly!!!



had a look at the pollen filter last night and the cover didnt seem to be fitted all that well.

I sealed up any gaps to be sure with some tape.

my only other issue now is the aircon / heater system is still making a terrible whining sound and is lacking power.

would this be related to the water leak?



Hi Guys I have exactly the same problem
Had a water leak due to the pollen filter top not being put on right and now the heater is crap!!!
It sounds really noisy almost as if its blowing straight into the footwell and even on full power there is hardly anything blowing onto the screen. Had the cover off the heater unit and got all the water out of it and put it back on and it does seem a little bit better but still very weak if anyone can help it would be great as at the min it takes about 20mins to clear the screen!!!!


I had this problem before. Take your glovebox out and open the fan up behind it, dry any water left and put sum wd40 on the fan and it should be ok if your plloen filters on properly now.

Im now getting the doors seal problem where the sills are filling with water and its over flowing it the footwells, does anyone no the cure for this??


Hi Chaps,

It turned out to be when I had the car serviced recently the garage hadn't put the pollen filter cover back on correctly, and the rubber seal that points outwards to drain the excess water out of the car was pointing into my filter causing the water to drain into the passenger side footwell.

I have now put the cover back on properly and put a new pollen filter in as the old one was soaking.

My aircon now seems to have its power back now the water has dried out.

Still have a bit of a stale water smell in the car :-(

thanks for everyones help on this :)
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