Recommendations of dealers - POST HERE (new upto date thread)


Penmans Seat in Darlington. They have been very helpful every time I've phoned with stupid questions, and sorted me out with parts I need for a reasonable price. Generally helpful, pleasant people who are a pleasure to deal with.


SMC Windsor

I am collecting my car (2004 Ibiza fr 1.8t) on monday. I have dealt with a number of car dealers and work for one (Im a mechanic), The staff where very helpful, friendly and informative. The deal I got for my old Renault was also good. Early days still but im impressed so far.

Have now picked (now Tuesday) up the car and driven it for a couple of days. Car was spotless, freshly taxed, tested and serviced all the same day and a full tank of fuel. The service I have received off them has been very good. I will be using them in the future.
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Jan 7, 2008
Crawley, West Sussex
Westerham Garage, Kent

Just had 10k service on my Leon FR TFSI (MY07) - bought from Westerham Garage back in January. Very impressed. Polite, friendly and efficient service from Simon in the service dept, courtesy car ready on both visits (had to go back on another day for a warranty part to be fitted), and labour rates reasonable. Simon rang to let me know my car was ready - something that rarely happened at the previous dealer I used for the past 5 years.

Also Phil the salesman was very helpful and did me an excellent deal when I traded my Mk1 Leon FR+ in for the Mk2 FR.

So far very impressed and well worth the 25 mile trip from Crawley! Gives me an excuse to drive my FR which always puts a smile on my face anyway!


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Oct 23, 2006
Dales garage in Scorrier Cornwall.
Very helpful, ordered parts on wednesday called me up on friday to tell me they were in.
highly recommend!

Dave T

Lookers Seat in Stockport have proved excellent in the 2-3 months I have owned my LCR. They have done excellent work very quickly and always clean the car very well once work is done.

They alos offer a loyalty card which gives you the enxt MOT for free and the rest at half price plus a rolling 20% discount on all services etc. I will definitely be continuing to use them:clap:


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Feb 14, 2005
Milton Keynes
I was having trouble seperating a CV joint, popped into MK Seat (Stoneacre), they did it in 10 seconds & charged me nothing. Have to say, they've always been helpful when ordering parts.


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Sep 12, 2008
Bridgend- Mid Glamorgan
I can heartily recommend SEAT Specialist - J.P.Board and Co - Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan. Excellent service and trustworthy mechanics. Driving my fourth SEAT - Leon FR TFSI-07 - all cars maintained by these guys. In all the years I've used them, I've never had a problem - excellent service and good advice as well.


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Apr 19, 2008
EW Pinchbeck

All dealers seem to have their good and bad points. Some are hated by some customers but loved by others. They say you can't please all of the people all of the time!

I would like to recommend Pinchbecks in Wallop near Andover. I have always found them polite, friendly and a helpful family run business and i have always been supplied with a courtesy car as long as i arrange my own insurance which is provided free by my insurers (although i have always brought my car from them.) My service costs usually turn out slightly less then expected and everything is always explained and broken down. In the last couple of years they have written to me to remind me my service is due and on production of the letter they give a discount on parts!!!!! ;)


Jan 7, 2008
Crawley, West Sussex
Westerham Garage - great service as always

Just had 20k service done at Westerham Garage in Kent. As before - superb service. Arrived and the courtesy car was ready and waiting, my car was ready on time. Simon Proctor in service is always efficient, friendly and polite. Great garage - no hesitation in recommending.


Seat Bristol

Hi Guys,

I have just bought my 1st ever SEAT...and infact my 1st ever brand new car. I bought a MK5 Ibiza 1.9 Tdi from my local SEAT dealer in Bristol.

Just wanted to take the time to say what an amazing job they did, I went in looking at an ecomotive and they showed me the way and I ended up walking out with a decent car.

They were fantastically friendly and I would say I've certainly made some friends there as well as a beautiful new car.

No services or anything yet but as soon as I have had one I will let you know what they were like.

Marky Bobs

P.S. - they also recommended this wesbite so they clearly know their stuff. Big Thanks to Gareth, Rob and Mark.

big ade

MK seat

very helpful, quick turn around, great price (30k sevice leon fr tdi)


Cecil & Larter - Bury St Edmunds

Just had my car in for some warranty work, which they carried out fine, well the Coil light and limp mode has gone. Will update if it comes back on.

But then they metioned there are other faults, which i've had to book my car in again to have sorted out. Ran out of time today. But no phone call for an update on my car progress or to confirm my car was ready for pickup. I had to chase them.

Supplied me with a courtesy car but at a cost of £15.00 a day which i think is taking the pi$$ a little. Never had to pay this before especially when the work was due to a faulty component on the car which needs replacing under warranty.

It appeared No car protection kit was used when taken for a test drive, as there were marks which i noticed when i got home, on the door sill and footrest to the right of the Throttle pedal, turned out to be grease after wiping it. and they managed to use 30miles of fuel for a 5mile test drive!!!

Will have to see if they can improve their customer service when i return to have the other fault codes sorted.


RM Fisher Lancaster

Purchased my car from here 2 weeks ago, cannot fault the service provided. Sorted my finance and part exchange out very efficeintly. And done me a great deal. Was very pleased.

Pity i didn't live closer to them would defiintly of used them for any service or warranty work i required.


Blade SEAT Gloucester

Anybody have any experience with the new SEAT dealer in Gloucester?

Hopefully they're ok as my car is booked in with them on Friday, for a hopefully straight forward service


Well, its been done, and the story can now be told.......
When I booked the car in I asked for a quote for the job, a 20K service on an Ibiza 1.4 sport petrol mk4. I was quoted £122 inc vat. Must admit I thought that was good value for a main dealer......
Took car in at 8.30 this morning, arrive to collect at 2.30 as arranged, I'm told the bill is £175 or so!!
Hmmmmm, not the £122 I was quoted , I ask.
Red face and lots of punching keys on the computer, he eventually suggests £145 is the best they can do.
I guess we can all make mistakes so agree to pay that price.

Looking at the bill later on I realise that the 2 Avon tyres I had fitted on the car on Monday must be supersoft compounds because according to the techy who measured the tread depth there is only 5mm of tread on them????

Also, could someone please tell me what the 4 QPLATINS on the invoice are? I've not heard that expression before.


Plymouth Seat - "John" has great customer service skills, and seemingly can remember his customers without having to give him any real details - he has been great at arranging the fixing of a number of glitches within warranty - even my heated screen that I thought would probably have a load of get out clauses.

Fife Seat - They surprised me by being able to take a call on Sunday about fixing my towed in vehicle and had all my records on the Monday when it arrived there. They have been very courteous, and even though they didn't manage to finish my vehicles engine replacement within the 5 days they suggested they would, they have step by step persuaded Seat for the whole engine plus turbo replacement and 'as it was on the ramp', sorted out a couple of other issues for me (non warranty items) FOC for the labour. Only niggle is that they did leave the final testing of my new engine a bit late, and didn't pick up that the new head provided was a oil leaking dud until too late. But overall (and the fact they have reacted so quickly) a big thumbs up for them.


just want to recommend Negus at Colliers Seat in Acocks Green Birmingham. Bought a new K1 cupra earlier in the year and I love it. Brilliant car brilliant service :clap:. Now if they could just sort out the fuel prices....[:@]


Spur Wimbledon

Must say a big thanks to Spur in Wimbledon.

I only ever use the parts dept because I would never trust a dealer to service/touch the car, and I must say the parts dept at Spur are excellent!

Cheers to Sandy for her help on more than one occasion.

Even the prices are lower than my local garage and I drive all the way from Croydon (near Kinghams) to Wimbledon to get my parts.

I can't believe that Kinghams are £10 more for the same part. :wtf: I always avoid Kinghams because of their AWFUL service, but now I realise they are also inflating the prices.

Sorry, i don't mean to turn this post of praise into a negative! Well done Spur!


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Feb 20, 2009
South Derbyshire
Willoughby Seat Beeston...

Cant fault the service ive had off these guys in the last year from my initial purchase to the mot / service & other niggly bits last week.

They fixed the tailgate lock problem as a good will gesture (granted it was still under warranty by a week!) but either way i was glad to get it fixed [B)]
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