1. Yet another 'are fibreglass LCR bumpers any good' thread

    As alot of people who own Cupra's are i am looking to buy the Cupra R bumpers.... are these worth the hassle??
  2. lynchy

    cupra 180 hybrid build/guide thread

    just playing with the idea of going down this route, any guides about? parts needed and so on.. thanks
  3. t0m

    Thread name title change?

    Where can I change the name of a thread I have in the for sale section? I.e the price..... As I''ve dropped it considerably I would like the new price to be up to get people's attention rather than scare them off. I had a look under thread tools within my thread but no luck...
  4. cupragav

    cupragavs LCR progress thread ***few new ideas, comments please***

    Hey people, thought it was about time i done my own readers thread. I have had the car bout 3 years now i bought it completely standard I started to mod it after a couple of months of owning it. To start off with i added the forge 007p which wasnt enough, so i added a bmc cda forced...
  5. SalSheikh

    Home Made Centre Vent Gauge Trim

    guys, started a new thread as i moved some pics in my photobucket account and lost the links :blink: started with this: then removed the rollers after some advice today a bit more work done... i removed my centre vents and firstly found this: so i cut it out with my...
  6. Another exhaust thread!

    Hey, purchasing my Cupra R later this week and mega excited! Really desperate to get the exhaust done, either cat back or complete system? Mostly been looking at Vortex or Milltek? Anyone got any suggestions of other companies or opinions on these!? Thanks!
  7. anyone know what thread these videos are in?

    Hi, I came accross a thread a while back, one of the mk2 cupra owners had posted a few vids of (probably) his car in action, so im assuming it was a revo stage 2+ or something. anyway, it was racing an m3, think it might have been the latest model m3? I know theres not toooo many stage 2+ cupras...
  8. richypanic

    Rear hub bolt thread

    HHEELLPP!!! Just went to change wheel on the car and 2 of the 4 wheel bolt holes have completely lost their thread. Basically only 2 bolts securely holding the rear wheel on. The thread has gone completely as bolts simply slide in and out with no resistance. Now, is it a big job to sort this...
  9. RobDon

    Oil feed fitting thread?

    Anyone know the oil feed thread size for Garrett turbos? Mine is this: Hoping one side is -4AN. Could the other be 1/8"NPT (the side that screws into the turbo itself)?
  10. The MK4 audio thread!

    Hi guys, This is a thread to help you all with Ibiza mk4 audio. Ok we'll start with the basics. To understand car audio you need to understand how the wiring works. All ibiza MK4s use ISO blocks. These are two blocks that are a unerversal standard and most new radios come ready out the box with...
  11. sedonou75

    combined thread for toledo mk2

    When combined thread you advise me? not too ways to € 1200 in I ask myself what it sells for not too dear in England and at what price? say € 400 maximum sorry for my english but i use google traduction
  12. Droning Noise from front of car.

  13. Popping and banging exhaust thread

    Does anyones exhaust on here pop and bang on hard driving? Mine doesnt and after listening to my friends lovely Focus RS and VXR's pop and bang when driven hard, im starting to feel left out. I know the milly doesnt do it with a sports cat, and probably wont even with a decat as they arent...
  14. Gordz

    Not Another HID Thread!!!

    I know there are hundereds of HID conversion threads around... but... I've been doing some research into the possibility of fitting HID's, but I'm confused :confused: Why do the kits range so much in price from £20 up to and over £200? Especially when they all look pretty much the same...
  15. R 20vt J

    My K1! Stage 2+ project!

    I got my car in September and thought its about time i started a thread since the mods have started. Since september i have fitted: Eibach sportlines, LCR splitter, a couple of daft stickers, Revo remap and i got new wheels. Here is the car standard: Here it is yesterday, could do...
  16. Berg

    MK3 Ibiza Cupra* K03s Jabbasport* Moving on....

    Current Spec Engine K03s Turbo Unsilenced Jabbasport Custom Mapping Blueflame Exhaust Blueflame 3" Downpipe (Wideband Sensor Installed) BKR7E plugs 4bar FPR LCR/S3 Fuel Pump Forge UNOS Manual Boost Controller Jetex Filter Filter extended to where battery once sat CAI (from...
  17. james walker

    leon cupra custom fmic install thread, NOW WITH LOGS POST INSTALL

    could anyone please post a guide/parts needed and links for a custom/ebay fmic install on a leon cupra please id like to see a individual thread on this, either twin pass or single pass and costs and how to fit etc big ask i know but theres tons on lcr single pass love to see how youve...
  18. SteveTDCi

    have we got a wheels thread.....

    if not, lets start one ! i'm considering a new set for mine - or I get the current ones refurbished. I'll either go down the route of pro race 1.2 or speedline turinis, i'll either go for anthracite, white or silver ...... not to keen on the black. Or i might go up a size to 19' and go for some...
  19. Seat Ibiza FR 1.9tdi Progress thread!!

    2006 Seat Ibiza FR 1.9tdi List of power/handling mods: Sachs organic clutch, green panel filter, pd160 intake, milltek exhaust (decat to be done,) FMIC, Stage 1 remap, 20mm spacers on rear, Rear Jabba anti roll bar, Audi TT front discs. List of other mods: Front FR badge, Red vinyl at...
  20. LCR engine oil...i know not another thread!!

    I've got a LCR 2005 and I'm planning an oil change between dealer services. After much searching through this forum, and others I decided on the quantum synta ed 0w-30, mostly due to the spec - vw 503.01 being linked with this product. So i phoned up seat and ordered. Problem is I picked it...
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