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Jan 19, 2014
Camberley Service Centre - Camberley, Surrey

Hi Guys,

Just moved into the area and have heard mixed reviews about CSC, but used them anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised! Had a major service and MOT done, plus asked them to replace the front shocks and springs that I just haven't had the time to do yet.

As it happened she also needed new lower arm assemblies on both sides and a CV joint gator on the NSF all of which they called me to confirm before doing the work within an hour of me dropping the car off.

OK the total cost was about £900 but £300 of that was the service and MOT, so all in all not a bad price for that new feel and feedback from the front end.

on today's visit 10/10


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Jul 5, 2014
Meppershall Beds.
Letchworth Autoway SEAT

been very pleased - had the car a year and they were very un-pushy, unlike many dealers, but were obviously keen to sell, and put a great deal together; swapped wheels over for me as I didn't want 18s, threw in a couple of accessories, matched a very competitive PX - all in all very pleasant experience.
First service 2 weeks ago and also excellent. OK - I didn't get a cupra or X=Perience as a courtesy car (Mii was a bit basic!) but they did everything well, fixed a couple of rattles, and left me feeling good.
So full marks all round to them....


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Nov 12, 2015
Somebody could recomend me a dealer for manteinance in west London? Last time in West London Seat overfilled the oil. :(


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Nov 15, 2012
As there are no recent posts about this dealer I shall say something.

After reading the reviews of Seat Portsmouth I was hesitant to go, but it was only a service so I went.

I came out happy and I go there every year for a service now, the quality of service they provide is excellent. The staff are always friendly and they have also helped me find and order replacement parts I wanted at a competitive price. They also matched the local dodgy tire man on prices which is brilliant to.

The only downside is with all dealers and that is the hourly rate for repairs, unless it is under warranty, I wouldn't get a repair done at any dealer.


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Mar 29, 2017
After doing some searching it appears I can't find much on Caffyns in Tunbridge Wells, so thought I'd throw in my recent experience with them buying a used SEAT Leon.

The first experience went well, spoke to Russell over the phone and my initial enquiries went well.
I decided I was going to buy a Leon and they had three in, so thought I'd go look at them in the flesh, it was a little odd arriving as there wasn't anyone lynching me on the forecourt for a sale, infact there wasn't many people around at all! I went inside asking for some help and was told the cars would be open when I went back outside, 2/3 cars were opened but the third never opened, not a deal breaker as I didn't want the red car anyway.

After that, decided I wanted to purchase a car, leave a deposit and pick up in a week or so, this seemed a bit of a struggle as no one was available and I was asked if I booked an appointment, I was a little taken a back as wasn't expecting a need to book an appointment to buy a car - maybe things have changed that much since I visited a dealership though.
Anyway, I was soon seen after that, we went on a test drive, checked the documents, had a bit of haggling and deposit paid, signed on the dotted line.

During the week everything went smoothly apart from collection day, had to collect on Friday not Saturday due to it being end of year. I'm not a fan of this and I do think that it should be my choice when I pick the car up but I was dealing with a chap called Richard who actually was really apologetic and threw some diesel in the tank as a thank you - bonus (he also said he'd stay late so I could get down at a reasonable time, this helped!)

Arrived to collect car, all went smoothly, Richard went through pairing my phone, a little how the car worked etc and then let me drive away, pretty painless really, so overall it was a good buying experience.
I would recommend booking an appointment when you know what car you want though, or are deciding between 1, 2 or 3 fo example, this will mean someone has the time dedicated too you whilst you're there.

Since having the car I noticed the service book wasn't stamped, and my speaker is a little crackly, Caffyns have booked me in to have the car checked, sorted me a courtesy car and will stamp the book at the same time. It worked really well and I'm pleased with how I've been dealt with so far, I'll post back after the cars been looked at and update any comments.


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Sep 20, 2017
Just looking for a recommendation for SEAT (or maybe VAG specialist) in Doncaster. I'm new to SEAT (and not that familiar with dealers and specialists around Doncaster) and so having flicked through this thread quickly the two mentions of Doncaster bring up unfavourable mentions of Stoneacre.

Given a friends Ibiza FR TSI was serviced then two days later had a timing chain slip, to which they gave a uninterested 7k quote to repair it (a local garage fixed it with a replacement chain and it's ran fine since) then Stoneacre Doncaster isn't really somewhere I fancy trying out.


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Mar 18, 2018
Herts/Essex Border
CMC SEAT Harlow (Formerly Cheshunt Motor Company)

Our relationship with this dealership stretches all the way back to 2008 when my sister purchased her SEAT Ibiza 6L Sportrider 1.4 16v Brand New. They were called Cheshunt Motor Company back then and were located in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

From first visit, to placing the order and then final delivery of the car the service was first class. Our salesman was Paul who was very helpful and professional. A long serving member of the team, he transferred with the dealership to their current location in Harlow, Essex where he is still the SEAT salesman. I would highly recommend dealing with him as his customer service is superb!

Most recently, I have visited CMC SEAT Harlow prior to the purchase of my 10' SEAT Ibiza Cupra 6J to gain some advice on this model and in particular the 1.4 TSI CAVE Engine. I spoke with Stason who is the dealerships SEAT Service Advisor. He possessed a fantastic depth of knowledge regarding both the CAVE Engine and the model in general. He was more than happy to give me advice and insight which was invaluable when I came to purchasing my car.

I would highly recommend this dealership for their friendly, helpful and honest approach to all things SEAT for which they are very passionate.

Cupra Belfast

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Jun 11, 2016
Agnew Seat, Boucher Road Belfast. I'll keep it concise, they're hard to fault. Not a complaint, always courteous, polite & very helpful.

Andy H

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Nov 21, 2018
St Helens
If anyone is looking for a great deal, Simon Chapman @ Seat Chesterfield. Unbelievable service, start to finish and even better deal. I travelled from Liverpool as the deal was that good !

Simon made it quick and easy. Had my Leon Cupra Lux from order to delivery within three weeks ( thankfully they had a few on order ).


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May 31, 2018
Letchworth - SEAT

Purchased car here and one service so far:

Friendly advise while purchasing with no pressure, really give you that Family run business feeling and not the faceles corporate approach.

Service was carried without any problems, car washed and hoovered inside, looked as good as new. Follow-up call to see if i was happy with the service i recieved

Loan car if required
The cost of the service was lower than advertised!

I would be very happy to go back again

I agree with everything above but if you buy a second hand car there be very picky before you purchase it. I learnt the hard way - test drove car and thought noise was low profile tyres. Bought the car and everything ok except noise which slowly got louder. Thought it was a wheel bearing, so asked to check and change it when serviced. Found to my surprise both rear wheels were buckled!!!!. Dealer would not change wheels under warranty as they said was down to wear/tear issue, would not even contribute to replacing tyres as they had worn un-evenly due to buckle. Long story short, dealer had not fully checked car before selling it although they said they had.
When it comes to fixing/repairing cars, they are great, very polite and helpful.
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