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This is the new Ibiza Cupra!

Ol' Timer

Full Member
Jun 20, 2004
I see they list the colours on the website with a simulator. There's a couple of dodgy looking colours there for my taste: Citrus and Limette. I can't see them being sought after secondhand. I think the Crono Yellow, Candy White and Magico Black will be popular, with the Lumina Orange being the extrovert's choice. Any other opinions?


lnk cr b82rez 2g4!
Aug 8, 2007
I really hope this does end up being the FR. If there was a spoiler on that rear end similar to the Mk4 Cupra, it'd look 20x better IMO.
cloth seats!!! :love::love::love: thank you Seat!

really like it in the yellow! with a few mods think it will look really good! can't wait to have a drive of it - Going to the MPH/Top GEar Live show at the end of the month, hope it will be there so can see it in the metal

will the flappy paddle gearbox be standard or can you put a regular manual in there?


Orange Wheels FTW!!
Oct 25, 2006
im not sure on it!! i like parts of it, but not the overall look

i see its retained the 312mm brakes (by the looks of the photos anyway!) but reading through the SEAT site, it says its a 180bhp 1.4 twin charged engine....presumably same engine out of the turbo and supercharged golf gt


overall:great body;hilarious rims;small brakes and crappy engine+AT
Dec 16, 2007
Looks okay, but if thats the standard ride height WTF :O ibiza cupra offroader for the loose!

I think the 1.4 engine will be a great bit of fun, end of the day as said previously you expected the mk1 leon cupra r to come with a daddy engine. 2L/2.5L turbo charged etc. but thats still a performer.

Oj 89

Senior junior member
Aug 19, 2008
NW Kent
we'll see. I've got my name down for a test drive in the very least. You have to admit that, despite the questionable styling, you're not getting any less HP for your money, if your clever, you get much more for your petrol money. AND Darling doesn't steal so much of your hard earned beer money! It's not ridiculous, admittedly, and it's not a vast improvement, but it is angled towards today's uhhhh... society.


Lumina Orange Cupra wanted now... now, damn you creditcrunchedworld :cry:
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