what did you and your mk3 leon do today


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Jan 18, 2021
I tried with an old debit card but gave up. How did your joins go? Any pics? I was disappointed as I love the copper colour. Have you put any more on the outside?


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Jan 23, 2020
Look up a little camera called Mobius, it's about the same size as your car key fob and apparently is very good for the money.
I might get one as a rear facing camera at some point :)

The Mobius is great!!! I've had 2 of them in my car for years, haven't yet installed them in my Leon because my brother accidentally broke a lens on one of them 😅. They are great at what they do, and can be mounted with a simple flat mount for action cameras and such.


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Jan 23, 2016
Gave my grey one a interior clean. Fckd up something,and have huge windshield foging from inside. Been cleaning from isopropanol,apc....no luck....called a friend,and booked up for detailing termin

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