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which remap, p-torque or custom code ?


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Oct 23, 2007
Rochester kent
i've been thinking about having a remap done for a while now and finally decided to go ahead with it,i have a standard lcr ! and there are some good deals around at moment including p-torque and custom code ! but can't decide, has anyone had either of the these remaps done ? and would be interesting to here from people who have had this done after a period of time and that are happy ? and has anyone had any problems with these remaps ? :help:

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Jan 31, 2006
Just has P-Torque done (monday) I love it mate....great service, great guy, knows his stuff and I love the map.

I gave my car to him with lambda faults and coolant sensor faults...we got these sorted...wiped off the HORRIBLE DIY map that was on my car already (previous owner??) ...got the PT map added... and gave it me back in full working order and RAPID!!!!!!!!!

Only 1 problem....I cant stop driving it :lol:

Cant comment on CC...no experience with them....but large plenty have so you try a search for details ;)
Jan 19, 2006
fife, scotland
had mine done with p- torque last saturday, its rapid now, cant wait for dry weather though as its pissed down every day since last saturday. bah humbug.. great service from will though, top bloke. i'm sure custom code will be great as well though.

Custom-Code HQ

More than happy to do the remap for you :)

We have some absolutely fantastic files for the Leon Cupra R! Very smooth power delivery and great power at high RPM.

As I am sure you know we are doing the 30% discount which would make it £312.55inc VAT for your car and we also offer the mobile tuning service at no extra cost.


T. Spark

C-C here on my derv, very happy with the map, 45,000 miles later and the map is fine! No clutch slip either which is a biggy on our cars.

Wish I got my C-C so cheap...

Refund please :)
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