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  1. Syphon

    AT Designs don't just do car stuff....

    Tony can pretty much make anything you want. In our initial call, I mentioned I was a mega Prodigy fan. Tony worked his magic and I've now got an amazing one of a kind piece to light up the office :cool::cool: :cool: Thank you @Tony Thurston! :) Very happy bunny.
  2. Caliper pipe corroded

    I have MK1 Cupra R Brembo calipers. On one the metal pipe is corroded. I need to get a new one of these pipes or get a custom braided hose that would replace the metal pipe. I was looking at getting custom brake lines made but don't know what fittings I need on each side of the braided hoses.
  3. Dannnnn

    Custom DSG Paddles

    I've got a DSG Cupra and have recently been looking at paddle extensions. I'm not massively keen on the stick on ones, so have been looking for replacement paddles. Unfortunately you can't get these for the Leon (You can get ones for the Golf R and Golf though and they are Expensive!). So...
  4. maciek.snow

    altea XL roof rails --> Altea Std ?

    Hi Guys, This might sound silly/dumb, but I'm deeply considering fitting XL roof rails to the standard version. Anyone maybe did or thought about that already ?. Don't want these sh**ty roof bars that go under the door seal. Already have couple of ideas, but would be good to hear if someone...
  5. Vin-R

    How necessary is a silicon TIP for a Custom Code Stage 1 Map??

    Hi Guys, As the question asks really, Im desperate for a Stage 1 CC Remap but i dont know if i can get hold of a TIP and get it fitted before the maps done.
  6. smiff

    Custom code remap option

    Hi and thanks for looking basicly im looking for some advice regaurds custom code remps and the options i have avalible. Im looking to upgrade my 2001 lc to S3 turbo and ancileries injectors and so on but my options seem to only be go to a phase 3 map is this correct or will a phase 2 be able to...
  7. generic or custom remap?

    Hi im thinking of remapping my mk4 ibiza fr tdi 130. Im not sure whether to go for the cheaper generic map or the custom one. Is there a lot of difference? Just i live close to jabbasport and they do a generic map a quite a bit cheaper than a custom one. I just have a standard car and not...
  8. Custom TIP

    rite i want to make up a custom TIP for my LC and want a bit of advice and info from everyone, what i need to know is the diameters of the TIP from the turbo and i guess its 2.5'' from the MAF? aslo if a put a reducer pipe from 2.5'' to 3.0'' then back down to what ever diameter the turbo is...
  9. Custom Palette Paint

    I ordered my FR TDI Ibiza in lumina orange, because i fell in love with the in the brochures and on the colour chart etc. What exactly IS the custom pallete paint and why is it over £600? Is it metallic too?
  10. James_LCR

    Custom remaps - Reidy Remaps Somerset

    I have been looking onto remapping my Leon Cupra R after carrying updated dv and tip etc. Looked into revo and custom code. I have found a custom remap centre in Somerset that can offer a custom remap on their rolling road, reaching a typical power of 255bhp and 270ftlbs of torque for £275...
  11. custom body kits

    has anyone done or no anyone that has had a custom body kit made. do anyone make a very wide body kit for a 2002 seat leon cupra r.
  12. Gooders


    Im thinking about having my LCR re mapped but cant decide what the best route to take is...REVO map or CUSTOM-CODE? I've had a CUSTOM-CODE before on my GOLF GT TDi and was very impressed...whats the difference between REVO map and CUSTOM-CODE? benefits? disadvantages? cheers
  13. james walker

    leon cupra custom fmic install thread, NOW WITH LOGS POST INSTALL

    could anyone please post a guide/parts needed and links for a custom/ebay fmic install on a leon cupra please id like to see a individual thread on this, either twin pass or single pass and costs and how to fit etc big ask i know but theres tons on lcr single pass love to see how youve...
  14. Custom Gearknob

    hi all i wanted a new gearknob on my 06 plate ibiza, and obviously i asked dave for some prices. he came back with prices around 50 to 60 quid for a nice one and i thought it was a bit steep. i then saw one in clearance for 25 quid but by the time i asked for one, they had all gone. i got...
  15. flegz16

    custom exhaust booked in

    hi all, just been to rebal powerpipes in barton to get a price on an exhaust. what i getting is a 2.5" turbo downpipe with a straight through pipe and its going to cost £290max inc VAT, so with any look maybe going to be bit less. a no a few people who has been and got a exhaust from rebal...
  16. Where to go for custom s/s exhaust around staffordshire???

    Anyone know of any good quality custom exhaust place's around staffordshire/south cheshire??? Just not A & A silencers! they're pants!
  17. epts2008

    Leon custom interiors

    Just wondered as everyones big on their cupra r body kits and alloys does anyone have a custom interior an I don't just means the seats does anyone have custom dash boards or fiberglass dashes or anything to make their interior look unique after all we look at the inside of the car more than the...
  18. Stage 2 Custom map, whats required?

    Hiya guys, ive recently purchased an 03 Leon Cupra. Being 22, its a car im real fond of and have some big plans for. The whole remap scene though for me is a new one. Its been mapped already and is running at approx. 210bhp. Thats stage 1 out the way. Ive now got the finances ready to make a...
  19. Gooner_Mike

    Custom FMIC?

    Alright forum folks! I would like to get a FMIC (front mounted intercooler for noobs) at some point in the future. Obviously I could get a Forge or Seat Sport jobbie, but I was just wondering if anyone has done their own custom FMIC? I don't think I have seen one... :think: Some of the Leon...
  20. NickLCR

    NickLCR's Red LCR225

    Hardly have any photos of it, but thought i'd start a topic now i've actually started to go somehwere with it. So here it is, my 2005 Leon Cupra R :) Current Mods; Neuspeed P-Flo Induction Kit Powerflex DBM Bushes KW V1 Coilovers Alpine iDA - X305 Head Unit Future Plans; Milltek...
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