Wider tyres on same rim


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Jun 28, 2016
Hello all, my gf currently has the Ibiza with 215 40 18's and the price for these odd sized tyres is ridiculous.
I have a Leon with 225 40 18's and they are widely available and a lot cheaper.

Has anyone switched up for the slightly wider tyre?
I've used the tyre calculators and the speed difference isn't anything to worry about.

Just wondering if tyre garages would be funny about putting different sizes on or if anyone has had wider tyres rubbing in the wheel well at all?

Cheers for any replies!!

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this would be fine.
most places will have no issues fitting, - some will comment on it, while some will state 'incorrect tyre size fitted' on invoice.
but most places will have no issue.

ensure you have clearance for the extra width, (its small enough that its unlikely to be an issue)

and also bear in mind insurance.
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Jun 4, 2008
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If you are worried about you ended up fitting a tyre that is too wide for the rims, what is the rim width of your current wheels?

Rim Width Min Ideal Max

6.5J 185 195-205 215

7.0J 195 205-215 225

7.5J 205 215-225 235

8.0J 215 225-235 245
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