1. Ibiza ST 2014 - Cigarette Lighter - poss fuse blown

    Hi i need some advice, my cigarette lighter has decided to pack up, I've been through the forums and I've checked fuses 27, 40 and 42 but this hasn't sorted it out. The problem came about when i was checking fuses for a power steering problem that has since got sorted. Can anyone help/advise...
  2. Coolant loss from tank on motorway journeys or high speeds

    Hi, I am new to this. So sorry in advance if I seem like a noob. So I recently bought a 2014 Seat Leon FR 184 model. It was a company owned car and has done about 120 k. I am the 1st real private owner. The company have maintained the car well according to the service stamps provided to myself...
  3. josh.c

    New Member, Lookin for mod ideas

    Hi all, i have just joined this and i have a red ibiza fr and looking for some mods that i could do!! Thanks in Advance
  4. Seat Ibiza Garmin Sat Nav Problems

    I've got a 2014 Seat Ibiza, and recently the bluetooth on the Garmin sat nav has started playing up. Tried to reconnect my phone, and it comes up with a reconnecting to bluetooth message every time I turn on the sat nav, and will only let me put it to background. Does anyone know how to cancel...
  5. Rear Demister/Heated Window Not Working

    I am new to this forum however I purchased my 2014 Seat Leon ST FR earlier this year second hand and am loving it. However now that winter has come i have discovered that the rear window heater/demister doesn't operate. The Car is still in warranty with the garage however it is a trek to get...
  6. Oil Consumption Problem with Seat Leon 1.2 TSI 2014

    Guys, Please help me out! My Seat Leon 1.2 TSI 2014 started consuming too much oil since last service. Approximately it consumes 1 litre for every 500km which is too much; I usually top up 1 liter every 2000km. Current mileage is 146,000km Did anyone experience similar problem? I just...
  7. Garmin Bluetooth Music Problems!

    Hi music with aux and the radio plays through every speaker in the car. However when I connect my phone to the portable Garmin sat nav via, the sound only comes out through the front left speaker, on door pillar. Any help? 2014 seat Ibiza fr
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