1. K8VXT

    2014 Seat Leon Cupra 280 DSG 64k Miles

    Here is my Seat Leon Cupra 280 for sale! It’s currently being used so mileage will go up a bit. Price is negotiable, but please no stupid offers. The highlights: ✅Seat Leon Cupra 280 DSG ✅64,500 miles ✅Full Service history by Seat - has had a DSG oil change! ✅2 owners prior to me ✅Changed...
  2. VAGsport Resonator Delete

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether the version 1 of the VAGsport res delete will fit to a cupra 290, as i’ve bought that version however i’ve seen on other forums that version 1 only fits to 280’s? Bare in mind I only found out that info after i’d bought the part.
  3. Cupra 280 - resonator or rear muffler (silencer) delete? Help!

    Afternoon people, Just a very quick one. I'm looking to delete my resonator or rear muffler (silencer), can someone please help me in choosing which one I should delete? I'm more leaning towards the rear muffler at the moment. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Please see attached...
  4. Ninohaiwan

    Boost cut issue cupra 280

    Hi. I am having some issues with my Cupra 280/DSG. The car is stage 1 tuned and has a dsg tune. I took it to the tuner and they found that it cuts boost right before it hits the revlimiter and after the upshift from 1.5bar to 0.8bar and comes back again after about 1-2 seconds the tuner...
  5. DrEv1l

    EDIFF Service for FWD 280/290/300 anyone done it?

    I just watched this video on the EDIFF service for the GTI performance pack. I think thats the same as the one in our cars. Has anyone done this service or asked a garage to do it? I asked my local and they said it was not needed... DrEv1l
  6. Joedj9

    Show me your refurbed 280 alloys

    Hi everyone I've got my wheels booked in to be refurbed at the end of the month and I'm struggling to pick a colour. I have the grey/diamond cut 280 alloys on my emocion red st. Just wondered if people could post some pics of these wheels in different colours to help me choose a colour for my...
  7. Cupra 280 Ignition Coil Pack item number

    In short, What’s the part number for the 280 2.0TSI coils? Do I change all 4 at once? Story below Right so had my vacuum pump changed today as it was leaking. Unfortunately the car started misfiring after pulling out of a junction with moderate revs. I Called up the mechanic to see if it was...
  8. Which induction kit should I buy for my cupra 290?

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2016 Leon Cupra 290 Manual. I’m wanting an induction kit that makes good intake noise and that won’t restrict airflow when I take it to stage 1; around 370bhp ish. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with good intakes hit me up! Cheers Brandon
  9. Does the Cupra 280 have an LSD stock?

    Looking at getting a Cupra 280 and am hoping someone can confirm that the 280 has an LSD stock from factory? Cheers! :)
  10. LSCUPRA19

    New Cupra 280 Owner

    Hi All, Recently got my hands on a 64 reg Cupra 280 DSG. Absolutely love the car, im so happy i opted for this over the Golf R. Having owned many VAG cars over the years such as a3 tdi, gti, r32, gtd etc. this is the best yet. Im looking to take it to stage 2 over the next year with a focus on...
  11. seat sound vs regular

    hello looking to change my 2015 cupra 280 for a new st 300 4 drive but am disappointed that i cant specify the seat sound system. i really love the Seat Sound in my Cupra, loads of great bass but have never experienced the regular system. if anyone has heard both can they tell me how they...
  12. Cupra 280 side skirts - fitting help needed

    I bought some genuine seat side skirts for my 280 sc about six months ago, they are pre painted in red and look very nice quality, I have read the instructions but cant work out where to apply the adhesive. the instructiosn diagram makes no sense, it says where to add the 5mm bead of glue but...
  13. Fr Dash fit a Cupra 280 dash

    sooo my cupra 280 2014 was involved in a little accident and the dash and steering wheel airbags deployed so i need to replace the dash my questionis ... can i put the fr dash into my cupra or even another dash from a Mk3 5f into my cupra they look the same i cant see any physical difference...
  14. Low ecu boost problem

    I have a 2015 cupra 280 SC, no mods other than jb1. Later turbo type. Just ran a data log via my jb1. My ecu is only requesting max of 12 psi - about 0.8 bar. I did wonder why the car felt slow. Car is in stock trim, no idea why the ecu requested boost so.low, car feels like it has no turbo...
  15. vcds lite

    can i use vcds lite with my cupra 280 and what functionality does it give? can i do boost checks with VCDS LITE?
  16. Specified boost?

    Hoping to do a specified v actual boost check on my 2015 Leon cupra 280. Does anyone know what the specified boost levels should be? Cheers.
  17. Boost VCDS Measuring block number?

    Want to do a specified v actual boost test on my 2015 Leon cupra 280. A mate has VCDS and has asked if I have the measuring block number for the test, can anyone help with this? Cheers
  18. Difference between cupra 280 and 290

    Just wanting to know the difference between the cupra 280 and 290. I know the exhaust is different but is it just a silencer removed? Is the extra 10hp from the exhaust? Is the differential, suspension, body panels etc all the same? Cheers Brandon
  19. When is best to change gear cupra 290 DSG?

    Hi all, Just wondering when people would advise to change gear in my cupra 290 DSG, just if I rev it all the way out and it auto-upshifts it feels like the power starts to drop off between 6500 and 7000 so I’ve been changing between 6000 and 6500. However I don’t know if it revs it right out so...
  20. Newby

    Hi all, I''m new to this site, but I've had my Leon cupra 280 DSG for few years. Was my company vehicle (car allowance) but now I travel in by train as I've moved so looking to tuning her up a bit now as she not used as much. Looking to start with air flow and upgrade to a VWR R600 Induction...
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