1. Res delete - Cupra 290 70plate

    Hi, I'm thinking of doing a res delete on my cupra 290 70 plate, was wondering if anyone else has done it and whats the difference or is it worth it etc? I've been quoted £80 for the res delete and if I ever do need to out it back on it'll cost £40. Anyone with lease cars that have done this...
  2. Adambomb100

    Cupra 290 Fuel type

    just taken delivery of a new registration cupra 290 hatch, a question about the fuel type? It says recommend fuel is 98Ron but 95 Ron minimum? Does anyone run there’s only on 95RON and does it damage of affect the running of the cupra??
  3. VAGsport Resonator Delete

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether the version 1 of the VAGsport res delete will fit to a cupra 290, as i’ve bought that version however i’ve seen on other forums that version 1 only fits to 280’s? Bare in mind I only found out that info after i’d bought the part.
  4. Front Bumper Swap 300 to 290

    Any one know if you can put a Cupra 290 bumper onto a Cupra 300, eg do mounting points align, fog lights work etc
  5. Weird Engine Revving

    Hi All, have had my Cupra for just under a year now. Haven’t been hugely active on here but I am hoping someone can shed some light on a weird issue that has just started to happen. Under heavy acceleration in 4th/5th or 6th gear the revs start to increase then at about 3k they jump up a few...
  6. Leap from mk2 Leon to mk3 Cupra 290

    I’ve just made the massive leap from a 2009 diesel 170 mk2 Leon to a 2016 mk3 Cupra 290.. i’ve had her 3 days and so far i love it! I stayed with a manual just for personal preference, does anyone have essential tips and tricks for me? Other than watch out for speed cameras
  7. Is a res delete on 2019 Cupra (PPF) worth it?

    Evening all I know there are plenty of threads about res deletes on the latest 2019 Cupra's, most of which I am caught up on... But I guess the real reason for this particular thread is that I am intrigued to get people's personal opinion on whether they think getting a res delete on the new...
  8. DrEv1l

    EDIFF Service for FWD 280/290/300 anyone done it?

    I just watched this video on the EDIFF service for the GTI performance pack. I think thats the same as the one in our cars. Has anyone done this service or asked a garage to do it? I asked my local and they said it was not needed... DrEv1l
  9. Syphon

    SEAT Leon Cupra 290 (MK3) 2019 Review

    Continue reading...
  10. Going from lowered to original suspension

    Hi all, Had the 290 SC running on lowered springs for 3 years now (from new) and as I’m intending on buying the car when the balloon payment comes up next month I’m thinking of putting the original springs back on. I don’t think I can continue with the absolutely awful comfort anymore (maybe...
  11. Which induction kit should I buy for my cupra 290?

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2016 Leon Cupra 290 Manual. I’m wanting an induction kit that makes good intake noise and that won’t restrict airflow when I take it to stage 1; around 370bhp ish. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with good intakes hit me up! Cheers Brandon
  12. ChrisD

    Cupra 290 turbo fail

    Hi all, First time posting on here, just looking for a bit of advice. I’ve spent loads of time searching around and through these forums and not found what I’m looking for so far, so any input would be appreciated! I’ll try and keep it relatively short :) A while back I had my ECP light come...
  13. TheLuckys

    The 2019 Leon Copra 290 thread

    I thought it'd be a good idea to have a proper separate thread for all things Copra 290 (except for the ordering, which you can find here). This thread should be the place you can post the specs of your newly received Copra 290, some nice exhaust clips, drive-by videos, pops/bangs/crackles/farts...
  14. vcds lite

    can i use vcds lite with my cupra 280 and what functionality does it give? can i do boost checks with VCDS LITE?
  15. Hickery1995

    Future Cupra 290 owner!

    Hi guys, new here! I currently own a 67 plate Leon FR 1.4, 150ps version, anyway after under a year of having it, I wanted more so found myself back in the showroom ordering the upcoming Leon Cupra 290, March 1st is when I collect my new car, I cant wait! Couple of questions, if anybody could...
  16. Difference between cupra 280 and 290

    Just wanting to know the difference between the cupra 280 and 290. I know the exhaust is different but is it just a silencer removed? Is the extra 10hp from the exhaust? Is the differential, suspension, body panels etc all the same? Cheers Brandon
  17. EL

    Revo remap + K&N Induction Kit = 290 BHP????

    Hey people, whilst browsing on Max Power yesterday I noticed a Leon Cupra R on there. I automatically clicked to see what it was all about. However my excitement after seeing a Cupra R on there quickly changed after I read what the driver claimed. He is trying to say that the car producing...
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