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  1. stevie steve

    KVW100 or Autowindow question

    Does the Autowindow kit work for Leon Cupra or is it just a Cupra R only piece of kit. Do I need anything else installed on my car convenience pack etc? Is it a relatively simple instal. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to cars. For those who not seen it - heres a vid...
  2. Wiring for autowindow reflex for 03 leon LCR

    Hi could anyone tell me the wires that i need to connect my autowindow reflex kit to on my 03 leon cupra r, it was taken out when a window motor was replaced so need to put it back in again! thanks
  3. Got my Autowindow kit... who can fit it?

    As above my Autowindow Reflex kit has arrived. However I dont really fancy attempting to fit it myself. Does anyone know anyone in Surrey who could do it and how much for?
  4. Autowindow reflex & 2.0 TDI Sport

    Hello all. I have searched and read what I can find on this topic but still need a few answers. I have had some conflicting info from different dealerships about whether it is possible to program my ECU so that I can open/close the windows and fold/unfold the mirrors on my 2006 (55 plate) 2.0...
  5. AutoWindow Problems

    Has anyone had problems with the AutoWindow products? I seem to have turned mine off OR screwed up the settings. How do i get back to defaults? Please help I hate loosin this cool feature lol Cheers Daz
  6. j.a.kelly


    Was looking @ these autowindow modules for my 130 Sport. according to this thread, they work: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=63331&highlight=autowindow do they? sure i read somewhere that they dont work on mk4 ibiza? can someone give a yes or no answer? thanks JK
  7. willcooke

    AutoWindow reflex hints...

    Hello all, Here are a few pictures to help with the install of the AutoWindow Reflex module. (My car is an 02 plate Leon) The instructions that come with it are fine, but I hope that these will assist a bit more. One thing I did notice was that the white wire on the auto window module...
  8. dalepearson

    AutoWindow Number??

    Dont suppose anyone has a telephone number for the Autowindow people, they only have an email address on the site. Had to disconnect the battery this morning, and now my Autowindow module seems to of stopped working. Windows and mirrors still work fine, but seems like the module no longer...
  9. dalepearson

    Autowindow @ Mirrors

    Autowindow & Mirrors Today I fitted my AutoWindow module. Took me 4 hours :) ( Not bad for a novice) main problem for me was working out how to get the cable from the drivers door to the passenger side. I have taken some pics so I may try and do a quide for Leon Owners.
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