1. HoopDub

    anyone running E30 bmw bbs wheels??

    tried the search and came up with a lot of miss hits, anyone running the 15" E30 bbs wheels on their mk2?
  2. BBS CH and TTRS

    Hi, Anyone have a leon 2 cupra pics, with bbs ch black 18 inch or ttrs 18 inch ? What is the best offset on 18x8 wheel without rubbing? thanks
  3. Cupra_R04

    pcd adapters for bbs ch

    Ok guys change of plan bbs's are getting fitted but as per title they are 5x112 et35. My question is will 15 mm adapters be ok and will the alloys foul the arches? Thanks in advance Mark
  4. DaveysFR


    Hi guys, I am looking at buying an 18 inch set of BBS CH deep dish reps for my Mk2 Cupra. The guy I am buying them off says to put 8 inch wide rims on the front and 9 inch wide on the rears. I will be reusing my 225/40/18 tyres from my standard Cupra wheels. But I wreckon 8 inch wide all round...
  5. RickyD1975

    When should I put my BBS CK's back on?

    I was just wondering when people with a 2nd set of wheels would put them back on after the winter months. This week seems to be the best week weather wise and I was aiming to put my BBS CK's back on before the end of this month. Has anyone else put their summer wheels back on yet?
  6. ben-ducky

    BBS CH replicas

    Always liked the BBS CH wheels but they are really expensive. Come across these replicas on ebay and I'm thinking about getting them before the summer if i can afford to...
  7. R 20vt J

    My K1! Stage 2+ project!

    I got my car in September and thought its about time i started a thread since the mods have started. Since september i have fitted: Eibach sportlines, LCR splitter, a couple of daft stickers, Revo remap and i got new wheels. Here is the car standard: Here it is yesterday, could do...
  8. BBS alloys for mk2 leon

    Hey,as above looking at a set of 18's. a tuning shopin my town said they have a new stock of bbs in, a few diffferent satyles to chose from, at around £500-600. surely though this is a little cheap for genuine bbs?i know theres a lot of replicas out there, and i know bbs were having some sort of...
  9. Alex 17

    BBS CH Replica?

    Hey guys. Im looking into getting a new set of alloys of summer and really want the bbs CH in black with the red lip.. I have seen a few guys with theys on MK1 and an MK2 but i cant seem to find where to buy them! Anyhelp would be brilliant in finding where do purchase them. Thanks Alex...
  10. dainott2105

    will bbs wheels fit?

    Hi all can anyone tell me if BBS LM or BBS CH alloys in 18 or 19 inch fit on my mk1 with Porsche 4 pot calipers on it. Really want the LM's in 19 inch but dont wanna buy them and them not fit. Im pretty sure that the CH ones will. I will stick a picture of the alloys on here later as cant do it...
  11. bbs ch reps

    hi does anyone know where i can buy aset of bbs ch reps in the north west area? seen a few of the leons with the black wheels with red pin stripe but dont know where to buy them. really want a set instead of my cupra r wheels. hope someone can help :confused:
  12. Suchley

    Your opinions on 14in BMW BBS please

    Just droped in a set of 14in BMW BBS E30 wheels in to a mate who does wheel refurbs, im just wondering what you guys opinons are on the wheels, Sizes are 14x6.5 offst being 30. ? ill post pics once there out of the shop..
  13. Anybody like BBS LMs?

    Well with 12 weeks to wait for delivery of my car I had chance to save up for some goodies! but didn't, so I will have to wait to save up for some alloys. BBS LMs are done to death but I think they will look stunning on a white SC with anthracite centres and red centre caps. Did a quick...
  14. BBS CH Replicas

    Hi guys, I love BBS CH wheels and want a set fot my 2004 LCR there is no way i can be spending £1000 plus for a set of wheels, the missus would do me over! :help: i found some replicas on ebay, a company calles reevawheels. i know there replicas and not gunna be as good as the real thing...
  15. Seat sport bbs alloys

    :cry: Help wanted if anyone can. I have just bought a set of 18 inch Seat sport 7 spoke BBS alloys and tyres for my Mk1 fr tdi 150. Thinking they are the same 5 stud pattern and would fit easily. However when I offer the wheel up to the hub the bolt holes are slightly out. Is there any way...
  16. bbs ch wheels

    ive got a platinum silver lcr just wondered what people think of putting the bbs ch style wheels on it, the black one's with the red pinstripe outer :think:
  17. will they fit 17 inch lm bbs replica alloys

    Im hopefully gonna get some bbs lm replicas for for my ibiza cupra mk4. Just wondered if any one would know if they would fit due to 4 pot brakes at the front cheers
  18. Ibiza mk3 on bbs splits

    Was thinking of putting my first pride and joy up for sale.. Based on these facts, what price tag should i put on it? Open to all comments and suggestions Seat Ibiza 1.6 Sport arctic grey 68k on the clock Colour coded Leon Cupra R Splitter Flared and rolled arches FK silverlinex...
  19. jwilkinson

    BBS alloys (mk4 ibiza)

    Looking at getting some BBS RX's or similiar. Has anyone got any pictures of car's with these wheels/wheel style on? Also, the ones I've seen the tyres are 215/40/17 which I think should just be ok, rim width 7.5J and offset 35. Can anyone see a reason why these wouldn't fit? Really...
  20. shantybeater

    My Cupra replacement - M Roadster - 3 Piece BBS update

    Hey peeps, well i've moved away from the VAG scene altogether, decided rather than spanking 2k on engine work on the Ibiza (that id never see again) I'd go for something slightly more 'sensible'. I imagine its not to everyones taste but here's some pics: (comments welcome either way)...
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