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  1. itfben

    Leon wouldn't start at Brands Hatch BSB yesterday...?

    I was at Brands Hatch yesterday to watch the BSB and when I came to leave the car wouldnt start. the time, trip had both reset back to zero's and then all the digits started going mental and doing funny things. I think the battery was flat as a pancake. does this sound right? We got...
  2. jonboy1066

    AmD BTCC Golf at Brands Hatch

    I was up at Brands today to watch the testing and AmD were there testing out their new VW Golf. It was more of a shakedown than a full blown test so no blinding lap times but the car looked great: Looking forward to seeing it on the grid.
  3. FSiLeonMike

    Brands Hatch BTCC Finals Day, October 4th

    OK, so the season is drawing to a close again, only seems like 5 minutes since we were all on the South Bank, seeing the Cartridge World Leons, and Mr Plato in his Lacetti go into action for the first time. Who's in, and heading for the South Bank then?
  4. ZBOYD

    BTCC 2009 is GO!! - Brands Hatch

    Race one LIVE on ITV4 now folks, race due to start at or just after 12noon. Timetable for BTCC Races. Race one 12noon (or now as the case maybe) Race two 2.25pm Race three 5.15pm
  5. FSiLeonMike

    Mr Plato driving a chevy this sunday at brands

  6. FSiLeonMike

    BTCC, April 5th, Brands Hatch, Meet at Thurrock Services and convoy down

    OK Peeps Who wants to meet up at Thurrock (as we did for finals day last year), and Convoy down into Brands? Meet at Thurrock Services, around 7:30am, try and be away about 7:50am, into Brands somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30, to get a good spot on the South Bank. 1) TDiLeonMike & Black...
  7. Hunnie79

    Brands Hatch - South Bank Parking

    ...Yup - it's another gratuitous bribe from your friends at YourRacingCar.com! My wonderful friends at Brands Hatch MSV have come up trumps and decided to support our little venture in the way they can - FREE PARKING ON THE SOUTH BANK!:lol: It's limited numbers and as you know we're...
  8. Hunnie79

    Last chance to see your name on the YRC car for Brands!

    Hi All Now if you don't know what YourRacingCar.com is by now I've clearly not been shoving it down your necks enough!:) So - back from Media Day at Snet - all well and now we've got less than three weeks before we'll be packing up to head to Brands. This means two things - if you want...
  9. Empi5

    BTCC Brands Hatch 5th April 09

    Well the time has come around quick, so its time to start planning for the season. The Barmy Army have pledged another season of support and it starts at Brands, For those that are interested, we will be camping again....... Not sure if its a good idea but it will be fun finding out...
  10. RobDon

    2009 season launch Brands Hatch Ford Focus

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMx9zpIwy7U Good to see Ford back in the BTCC, if Volvo are back too this could be the best season in years!
  11. Robbie C

    Brands Hatch 28/01/09

    Just thought I'd post a few pics up that were taken of my Ibiza on a track day at Brands on Wednesday :) Unfortunately it rained throughout the day but still had a great time out there. Let me know what you think
  12. Boo

    Truck racing at Brands

    Anyone else going to this ? Im heading up on the 2nd, was good fun last year. Lots of smoke and plenty of noise. Some scary overtaking going on as well :clap: 2 trucks overtaking up paddock and squeezing through druids was enough to make me excited about this year.
  13. Boo

    Trucks @ Brands

    Is anyone going up to the Truck racing on the 4th November ? Saw it advertised when we went to the WTCC and it looked pretty interesting. https://tickets.motorsportvision.co.uk/calendar/race-event-details.asp?ProductID=2780
  14. m0rk

    Brands Hatch WTCC 22/23 Sept **FREE** Weekend Tickets + MORE

    Well, I've had the call. 20 SEATCupra.net members are going to be happy bunnies soon. SEAT Sport UK have secured SEATCupra.net 20 weekend passes for the WTCC at Brands for Qual & Race Day. Not only (as if that wasn't enough) have they managed that, they also have 20 spaces for 'Hot laps' with...
  15. orca

    WTCC Brands 23/9

    Anyone else going to the WTCC at Brands? Got my tickets. see more SEATS than at the dealerships!!
  16. m0rk

    Brokeback comes to Brands

    I'm gonna have to keep well clear of Huffy in the future. Proper camp
  17. BTCC Brands Hatch TV coverage

    12:30pm - 2:30pm - ITV4 Ted Kravitz and Louise Goodman introduce action from rounds 22 and 23 of this season's championship, which comes from Brands Hatch. With only three race meetings and nine rounds remaining, Jason Plato in the SEAT Sport UK leads the drivers' championship, 14 points...
  18. m0rk

    Brands Hatch BTCC South Bank Parking - Sun August 19th 2007

    Brands Hatch BTCC Infield Parking - Sun August 19th 2007 Again with the generous help of SEAT Sport UK and Brands Hatch/Motorsport Vision they have secured South Bank Parking passes for us, if you want to come please don't delay. As always it will be first come first served! But I do need to...
  19. Kris

    Brands Hatch - 19/08/07

    So who is going? I will be! Letts hope we can get a nice bunch on the south bank again (we usualy do!) Some free infeild parking would be a nice bonus :whistle:
  20. BTCC Brands Hatch - August

    Hi, I went to Brands this weekend to watch the DTM and it was great fun :D I've decided to book tickets for the BTCC in August but I've no idea what seats to book. I've seen on the website a few different grandstands and am considering Paddock Hill. Any idea if this is a good place to...
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