1. philt90

    eibach dampers

    im looking at getting the sportline springs and going to upgrade the dampers at the same time to save on fitting twice. has anyone fitted the eibach pro dampers with there sportline or prokits if so what do you think
  2. Eibach Pro Dampers and Springs fitted :)

    My pd130 has done 103k now and the suspension was feeling tired to say the least, and as I've decided to keep it I thought I'd better sort the suspension. Had a bit of a mission fitting the fronts along with new wishbones, drop links & top mounts yesterday; I didnt manage to start it until...
  3. knight85

    supersport lower springs and dampers

    Anyone used these or heard good/bad things? could pick up a cheapish set, dont wanna just drop the car with springs, and dont feel the need for coilies...just want a nice drop
  4. Mr OCD


    Anyone recommend any dampers to replace the standard ones on my LC? Planning to replace wishbone bushes, etc to tighten it all up but with the car doing lots of miles I dont want stiffer / uprated suspension... new bushes plus rear ARB should be enough ;) Dampers feel ok at 99k miles but...
  5. Jon TDI

    Spax PSX Adjustable dampers

    Hi Damian, Can you get hold of the above? If so, could you supply price for a pair of front dampers for the Leon 2.0 TDI 2005 onwards (55mm diameter). Cheers, Jon
  6. andy_tratter

    Cupra's with lowering springs and dampers

    Hi all, obviously want to lower my cupra, but dont want to waste my money on coilies and not go as low as they allow. So.. can people with lowering dampers and springs post a pic or 2 of what their cars look like with them and also say what kit they've got and how low they are. If i want to...
  7. Jolly

    KW dampers

    Morning all, Ordered myself some KW dampers to be paired with my eibach springs :D Just wondering what people think of that setup? Im bored at work and just interested in some opinions I cant wait to get them fitted and my alignment done now! (i hate the waiting part!!) Its on an...
  8. flegz16

    spring and dampers or ap coilovers

    right, as what the title says am abit confussed on what to get when my warranty runs out. i don't go on track days or racing or anything like that but,i want to lower my car about 60-65mm like the AP coilovers allow you too. im not really fussed about bin able to change the ride height, just a...
  9. stani540

    Springs to go with BILSTEIN dampers???

    I'm currently running a full set of BILSTEIN dampers on my cupra with eibach springs which im guessing are the pro kit, i think its lowered around 30mm, but want to go lower!! I'm looking to change my springs over to something a bit lower and recommendations on a set to go with my Billies...
  10. New rear dampers and coil springs - but no damping!!!

    fitted my new rear dampers and the rear coil springs (h&r -20mm) to my ibiza ('97 gti 16v). all seemed to go well untill i noticed a knocking coming from the rear right shock. had a look and to my horror..this crazy s**t was happening! :-o:wtf:the left damper is fine and behaves as it should...
  11. Roelích

    Coilovers or Springs and Dampers? (Q with a difference)

    Hi all. I have the Phil Jackson coilovers. Not fitted at the minute, currently got Spax springs and dampers. The car handles really well, but isn't low enough at the front. What's the handling on the coilovers like do we think? Better or worse? I'll stick with my current set-up in...
  12. myseatcupra

    springs and dampers

    my car sit's high at the back and i want to get a set up where its more level as you can see in the pic whats the best spring and shock combo.
  13. What dampers and springs should I buy?

    Hey all, looking to upgrade the springs on my 2.0 16v cupra, because after sitting straddled on a curb for 2 weeks, the springs on one side of the car have stuck together. So i thought i may aswell upgrade the dampers too. Just wondering from your experience, what are the best springs and...
  14. WeeJase

    rear dampers on mk4 golf platform cars

    whats the crack with replacing rear dampers on my octavia(same as)/leon/golf? springs and dampers are seperate,so i'm presuming easier than the usual spring /damper combo. looking to change mine sometime very soon,any hints and tips very welcome.
  15. jetsetjimbo

    Failed dampers ruined my tyres - Warranty

    Well the rear dampers have failed on my LCR (first noticed by Jock @ Westec) and have made the rear tyres - which aren't that worn go all lumpy which I think is causing a noticeable judder at high speed. The dealers have agreed to replace the dampers but are saying that tyres aren't covered...
  16. prc

    Replacement dampers or coils

    My Bilstein B8's are shot after 200Kkm. Was expecting a bit more as the koni I had on my old Ibiza did about the same mileage, but where still in good shape when I sold the car. So my dilema is what to replace them with as soon as funds permit. Coilovers would be nice, but expensive and my...
  17. Deejay

    dampers shot?

    How do you determine if a suspension damper is shot or not other than looking for obvious signs of wear & tear leaks etc, and if for this example you now had the damper in your hand, cursing the cold weather and numerous cuts on your fingers?
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