1. jonjay

    EmDee420 Camaro SS Paint Correction Detail

    American Muscle was the theme of the weekend. EmDee420 contact me to detail his father’s Camaro SS for his birthday and I jumped at the opportunity to detail something different. Not knowing much about Chevrolet Camaro SS I was surprised to see it had same block as the corvette. Here are some...
  2. Todays detail and new product test....

    Got some new products sent and though i'd test them out on my day off. I'm well impressed with the results, washed firts with meg's gold class shampoo and dried with sonus drying towels. Then tested out my new Dodo wax, Results:- Roof... Bonnet... Sides... Then applied the...
  3. jonjay

    Ovni MK4 Ibiza FR 20VT Full Paint Correction Detail - The first Ovni ORCA!

    The appointment was booked in almost 2 months ago. This was a little bit of a blind date as I knew the bad reputation that the SEAT ovni paint had. I was relished this challenge as I wasn’t quite sure what the results would be. This is how Orca’s car arrived. As you can see pretty dirty...
  4. Is it ok to detail in cold weather?

    I brought a 'new' car, 2007 (red) for my girlfriend last week and it needs a tidy up - swirl marks from the previous owners cleaning methods. I'm going to (by hand): Wash (2 Bucket Method) Clay Zaino - Cleaner & Swirl Remover Carlack 28 Carlack SG I'm guessing if i do it whilst its...
  5. FinerDetails

    Detail Packages and Price Guides

    Hi Guys and Gals :) I have received a few enquiries lately asking about the packages and prices. So with that in mind, I'm hoping this post will help answer some of the common questions I receive. Ibiza - Wax Top up - £60.00 Ibiza - Paint Protection Detail - £120.00 Ibiza - Paint...
  6. Prestige Polish

    MK1 Leon FR Correction Detail

    This car was booked in for a 3 day correction detail. First up was to have some fun with the snow foam. The novelty never wears off with foaming anything in sight but I thought I would keep my target this car as I'm sure you will agree she needed it. You can see the snow...
  7. fr-tdi

    detail list....

    i plan to give the car a belated winter going over and plan the following: rinse snow foam (left for 5mins) rinse wash with poorboys super slick and suds II (2 buckets method obv) with lambswool mitt rinse dry with eurow waffle weave towel clayed (bilt hamber) autoglym super resin...
  8. jonjay

    CupraR210DJM's Black Leon Cupra R Detail

    CupraR210DJM contacted me after seeing the results from Soundwaves detail a month and a half ago. Deano stated that his paint needed correction as the previous owner neglected this beautiful car and there was only so much he could do by hand. Since I done my last detail I was confident that I...
  9. ski_tzo

    My Detail..

    If anyone has seen my last couple posts i have just purchased my first seat, (think i have about every common fault so far), and i want it to be as shiny as possible! On prev cars i have used one of those car shampoos/wax you put in the power washer and it does the job I then use AG Super...
  10. Prestige Polish

    Fiesta Protection Detail

    A nice easy day yesterday. (06-11-08) This car is only weeks old and was booked in for a Protection Detail. As usual first up was to soak the car with a hyper foam. Didn't get any photos of this stage as it was freezing cold and raining. After the pre-foam and rinse the wheels...
  11. jonjay

    Blue MK3 Ibiza Cupra Paint Correction Detail - Pic heavy!

    LM_ GAUCI messaged me stating that his MK3 Imperial Blue Ibiza Cupra was indeed of some tender loving having stressed that he doesn’t want to park the car under any lights as he can’t bear the swirls. It was agreed that lm_gauci would clean the inside of the car so that I could concentrate...
  12. FinerDetails

    LCR Paint correction and interior detail

    Its been a while since I detailed a black LCR, but all the memories came flooding back as the car arrived late last night and I shone the LED torch on the panel to check the swirls. The car was filthy too: First job this morning was the interior: Befores:
  13. FinerDetails

    Leon Cupra K1 - protection detail

    I've not shown too much work lately so thought I pop these two details on. First: SEAT Leon Cupra K1: The first car was booked for a New Car Protection - exterior. The car was only 1 week old, so just a tad dirty on alloys and lower panels: First job was alloys and arches. I...
  14. r8byb

    Changes, detail on the wheels, splitter etc *pics*

    Only 3 pictures till battery ran out on my camera but you can see the changes, i hope anyway :| Let me know what you think :)
  15. Stan 24v

    The Ultimate Detail

    If you havent seen this before then its well worth looking at. Its a "Brand New" Astra VXR, but dont let that put you off: Its been doing the rounds for some time now, but I havent spotted it on here, so enjoy [B)]
  16. FinerDetails

    Silver LCR Paint Correction Detail

    I seem to have had silver week, makes a pleasant change from black;) I didn't take any befores as the car looked nice and tidy when I first saw it. Started out with a snowfoam, cobra wash mitt, and pinnacle bucket with grit guard wash. This was followed by the car being de-badged, owners...
  17. added some detail to my D90's

    had to do something new to the car as it was one of my days off, and ive just booked a holiday and when i first got em they were the same colour as the refurbished D90 - star bored and painted the centre crests gold and todays work has seen this happen: not the...
  18. Pics of My Leon Cupra R detail.

    I have been absolutely dying to get my Leon detailed and up to the standard i'd like it to be for months and months now, but due to a hectic time where we've seen the diary get mega busy with customer details I only managed to get the chance just recently to do my own car. The car wasnt...
  19. jamesy

    my first real detail of my leon(lots of pics)

    gave it a good clean friday evening wash and dry then clay bar whole car, 2nd wash and dry then waxed. used meguiars gold class shampoo and gold class liquid wax, used autoglym glass cleaner on windows and back to black on the trims
  20. A quick detail . .

    Got some new chemical guys products last night and tried the mirror finish glaze on the bonnet and one side of the Ibiza - what do you think ??
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