1. Maxcars1, ibiza tdi detail

    Today after weeks of trying to get some good weather, maxcars1 (shaun) arrived at 9 am in his lovely ibiza se tdi 100pd, thats nothing near that spec anymore, to start what turned out to be a pig of a detail. He actually woke me up as i was still in bed! we first rinsed the car down with...
  2. googies

    My first detail and advice wanted.....

    My first detail Hi, going to get a start on my first proper (used loosely) detail of my car. Bought Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System kit Was a good Price i thought compared to the clay bar on its own for £13? Anyone...
  3. r30lac

    First Detail

    Well I decided that it was time to app,y some blood sweat and tears to my FR. :funk: Of course I picked the hottest day of the year so far to do it. :clap: :doh: So as this is the first time I have "detailed" a car (until now I used to wash and dry with a sponge and a dead cow) as I now have...
  4. Reg

    Black Magic Leon Detail

    Had a call from a Nick_c_1986, a fellow forum user, looking to put some sparkle back into his 2004 Seat Leon TDI in the beautiful shade of Black Magic. Having fairly recently had a lot of paint done due to a kind taxi driver using the Nick's car as a brake instead of the middle pedal, I was...
  5. FinerDetails

    Ibiza full multi stage de-swirl detail

    Today saw a SEAT Ibiza booked in for a de-swirl and clean up. The car was driven up from Leicester and looked like this after trawling up the M1 etc:
  6. FinerDetails

    LCR full de-swirl detail - a very long day

    A trip out of Rochdale today, and a drive north to Lancaster. Here's the car on my 9am arrival:
  7. Tyler Owen

    Black Seat Ibiza Detail

    The first detail by us posted on SCN Don't worry i'll only post the Seat based ones, so seeing as this is our first Seat Detail .... A Mrk3 ?? (correct me if i'm wrong ... New to the Seat Range ) Ibiza Booked in for a De-Swirl today Before Pics Wash process...
  8. FinerDetails

    Winter Service Detail

    Dave returned to me yesterday to have his Leon FR TDi cleaned up. The car had a full multi stage de-swirl about 10k miles ago and some minor swirling was now visible. Unfortunately we didnt get any before pics - too busy catching up and moving cars and van around :wall: :D We soaked the...
  9. FinerDetails

    Full-on detail and tutorial

    I know this car wasn't a SEAT but its the same met black as the seats, and the detail is worth sharing with you guys, its very rare I put a non-SEAt car in here but think you'd appreciate this one!! ;) ;) ;) Back again to a customer of mine, this is the daily runner for work etc. Its used...
  10. Cupra_Jay

    My Ibiza's Last Detail

    My Ibiza's Latest Detail This wash was done a few weeks ago, but thought i would share it with you. The car was given a polish and wax the week before, but had no batteries in camera to take any pics. Heres what i did:- 1. Rinse car 2. Wash car using Megs Nxt Gen Car Shampoo and 2 bucket...
  11. __B3NNY__

    First Detail Done, All Waxed Up!.

    Hi guys spent 5 1/2 hours on her yesterday and about 1hr 30mins today applying the 2nd layer of wax after i had to wash it again because it rained last night All work was carried out by hand and i gotta say ive got arms like pop eye now! But in the end very pleased with the results for a 1st...
  12. MarkE

    Euro Mk3 Golf Detail

    Cav from Detailing World wanted to have a go with the Porter Cable polisher prior to investing in one so made the drive up from Preston this morning. The car is a recent acquisition and is undergoing a Euro makeover. There are a couple of badly dented panels that are due for replacement in the...
  13. FinerDetails

    a very different detail

    Got a call last weekend from a friend of a friend. So travelled to his house Monday, and following a cancelation, went there today to detail his 1994 Stretched Limo.... Here's the car sat waiting for me to wash it:
  14. Scotty_b

    Audi red engine bay detail?

    Ive seen a few other marques use the same kind of effect as the Audi rs4 on the cam covers (the kind of red matt textured effect). Id like to do a few bits of my engine bay the same and wondered if anyone knew how it was done or how to re create a similar effect? Cheers Scotty
  15. Knigh

    My first detail

    After nearly a year and 30 k I have given the car a full detail by hand. Here are the results. So sunny roof turned blue with the reflection.
  16. DIFT

    My 1st Detail

    Started at 8.30 this morning, finished at 14.30!! 6 hours!!!!:wtf: Anyway I used washed the car with Zymol shampoo, and dried with a microfibre cloth. Then set about having a little go with a clay bar. I wash my car most weekends, and never park under trees, so it wasnt too bad, but...
  17. FinerDetails

    A WHOLE Detail walk-through

    I’ve always loved my cars, for as long as I can remember. As I age, that love doesn’t disappear within like so many of our child hood memories, it just stays there like its where it was meant to be. Destiny almost you might say. Since passing my driving test at 17 I’ve always enjoyed...
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