1. Gravesie-363

    Coilovers - droplinks

    I am looking to buy some coilovers in the near future! I have a 55 plate Leon cupra r, looking around on ebay and few sellers are saying droplinks are required after 40 mm? Why is that and where can you get them?
  2. ibizadoyle

    shortened droplinks

    hi how much are the shortened droplinks for an ibiza? thanks simon
  3. Pabs

    V-maxx Droplinks - mk4 Ibiza Cupra

    Hi Damien, Quick question for you if I can. I've got KW V1 coilovers for my mk4 ibiza cupra (2004). I need new droplinks, as the ones I have were broken when trying to replace the suspension. Can you let me know if the V-maxx droplinks (shorter) would be ok to use? I know the KW...
  4. Ibiza 130 tdi

    FK Droplinks broken!

    Hey guys! More of a warning then anything - my FK droplinks have broken. I've had a terrible knocking noise for around 6 months now and couldnt work out what was causing it.... I've changed wishbone bushes, engine mounts and bought some top mount bushes to fit. As the garage went to fit...
  5. Ronin225

    Rear ARB droplinks

    I am currently running a 25/28 Neuspeed set up on stock springs and dampers This set up seemed extremely good with old p zeros i used to have but since changing to assymetrics all round the handling has become "choppy" Low speed turn in is very good but as speeds rise it becomes unstable and...
  6. PH1L NI

    Coilovers with Shorter Droplinks fitted...

    Very good nice and low etc etc.. But my car is making funny knocking noises on the passenger side. It aint the driveshaft and ARB because there is a MASSIVe amount of clearance between them with the shorter links... it must be something else... but WHAT?! Driving me mad!! Drivers...
  7. adam cupra 20vt

    Droplinks when lowering

    When going below 40mm when lowering I'm told you need adjustable drop links to stop things hitting? Are the V-max adjustable drop links the ones to go for? or any other sugestions? I was looking at these? doesn't say the adjustable but I think they are...
  8. droplinks for LCR

    hi ive done a search but can't seem to find anything, iv got an 53plate LCR and ive been told i need new droplinks, i was wondering wheres the best place to get them from and should i jus be looking to get standard replacements or is there some sorted uprated ones. by the way its on stock...
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