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  1. hypopsycho

    Fiesta ST style stripes

    I might get shot down for this, however..... I'm thinking of putting some white stripes down the side sills, like the ones they fit to the Fiesta ST, except I'd like them to read 'Ibiza'. Can't seem to find any though. Any ideas people? Seen something like on ebay, but the font is awful and...
  2. Andywest2k1

    Goodbye Ibiza :-( Hello MK7 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S :-)

    Hi all, Some of you will know ive sold the Ibiza and have been waiting for delivery of my new car. Anyways its finally arrived. Its an 09 plate Mk7 Ford Fiesta Zetec S in frozen White. 1.6 petrol (122bhp) It has the followin extras: -Street pack (consists of; 17" wheels, tinted...
  3. Prestige Polish

    Fiesta Protection Detail

    A nice easy day yesterday. (06-11-08) This car is only weeks old and was booked in for a Protection Detail. As usual first up was to soak the car with a hyper foam. Didn't get any photos of this stage as it was freezing cold and raining. After the pre-foam and rinse the wheels...
  4. Pat J

    Mk.6 Fiesta side repeaters straight fit or not?

    I've searched the Forum and just need the definitive answer. Are these a straight plug and play or not. I have seen some that are light smoked with a chrome centre and think they will look good on mine just want to make sure they fit. If not where can I get some and what do they look like. Pics...
  5. CORBY


    My Brother in Law has one (ST) and he seems to think that it is faster than mine, we havn't raced yet! Just wondering what you guy's think will have upper hand! :confused: Both Standard - Although mine has a Green Panel Filter and the Flap cut of the air intake! I reckon mine will beat it...
  6. New ibiza fr or fiesta st

    well then chaps... which would you go for (if you were being as objective as possible). I've only driven a diesel fiesta previously and thought it felt rock solid. with regards to the ibiza, I'm a little bit perturbed about all the comments regarding wind noise etc at high speed - I don't...
  7. Lcr vs Fiesta ST on top gear

    Lcr vs Fiesta ST on Fifth Gear Just been watching Fifth Gear and the Fiesta ST beet the LCR around the Anglsea race track by nearly 3 seconds. Bit dissapointing :lol:
  8. Ibiza FR TDi or Fiesta ST?

    I know this board might be a little biased, but I need all the advice I can get, basically for my next car I'll be getting one of these 2 cars, and I can't decide which, both have their pros and cons. I test drove the Ibiza a while ago, but found it really hard to form an opinion as I'm not used...
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